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Jarry – Dzhazira (3-6, 6-3, 4-6) Summary and result ATP Estoril


Thank you all for your participation! We will soon meet with a large number of Chileans performances in the ATP circuit.

Anyway, we had good news today Christian Garin victory in the first round of the ATP Munich.

sad defeat Nicolas Heat, who took a 4-2 lead in the third setBut he let the match in nearly two hours. Thus, you lose important blocks and defended the quarterfinals of Estoril and is now ready to Qualy 1000 Madrid Masters.

4-6 Heat double fault ….. Chile and eliminated in the first round of Estoril.

40 – The long right to the heat and the starting point for Jazeera.

40-40 Heat a bad decision, which is inconvenient to the Jazeera network and runs smoothly.

B – 40 Saved Jarry …. great deep back and Chilean puts a backhand down the line.

40-40 Jar discover a perfect strike, but falls back Jazeera capriciously on the line.

40-30 Typical Heat enough! Excellent definition point with the master touch.

30-30 Winner What a shot! A beautiful backhand down the line.

15 to 30 Good attack Chilean and Jazeera misses right.

0-30 Backhand heat. Chilean threatened.

0-15 Heat seventh double fault.

4-5 Returning entirely from heat and Dzhazira mainly in the first part.

40-15 Heat for a long right that once again lost a bit of attention.

30-15 Heat for a long time.

15-15 Well Heat! Tunisian attacked the net, but went through a very clever cut case.

15-0 Jazeera good punch.

4-4 BANKRUPTCY Jazeera. Heat leaves the ball in the net and lost the advantage.

30 – 40 Therefore, in Jazeera network.

15-40 Chilean sixth double fault break point double.

15 to 30 Heat backhand long after an intense rally.

15-15 Heat fifth ace.

0-15 Heat trying to pass Jazeera attacked network, but fails.

4-3 Jazeera second ace to win the game.

40-30 Jazeera sixth double fault.

40-15 Right in line Jazeera that the Heat is not responding.

30-15 Heat backhand long.

15-15 Point to the heat.

15-0 Jazeera with clearly defined next to a network.

4-2 Very good point, high intensity, and ends Jazeera omission. GAME heat.

B – 40 Heat again reclaims open right pull-winning combos.

40-40 Heat rush to the back and leave it on the network.

40-30 Jazeera error right on the Chilean relief.

30-30 Heat crossed backhand wide.

30-15 Jazeera strikes back across the line and the ball bounces wrong.

30-0 Heat beautiful first goal.

15-0 Very good point dominates the Heat win in front of the winners with.

3-2 Jazeera game save break points to stay alive.

B – 40 long right to the heat.

40-40 long rally this time to win the African seconds before Chile network.

40 – The Heat characteristic point dominated and determined the right leg with counter winner.

40-40 Tunisia makes a good short, but the Chilean comes fast and win the point.

40-30 Jazeera in a hurry after a long long rally and send the right.

40-15 Heat fails comfortable right. At that time, it has completed unforced errors.

30-15 Jazeera powerful first serve.

15-15 Heat backhand long.

0-15 Jazeera is trying to attack the right, but the ball touches the net and goes wide.

3-1 Other convenient claim for heat.

40-0 Tunisian comeback failed.

30-0 Ideal winning combo for the Chilean right and open.

15-0 Heat the excellent service that is not answered.

2-1 Jazeera backhand winner to win the game.

40-0 Long the right to transfer heat.

30-0 Jazeera leads to a network and Jarry good way.

15-0 Jazeera good attack return patience and win points.

2-0 Heat the second ace to win the game and to confirm the break.

40-15 Jazeera is now gets out of line. Game border.

40-0 Jazeera another unsuccessful ago.

30-0 Even in the Tunisian network.

0-15 Cut along Jazeera.

1-0 Heat BANKRUPTCY! Superb forehand winner on the return line.

40 – The Another great deep Heat back on line.

40-40 The heat is very good back pressure, which puts Jazeera and this failure.

40-15 Transfer heat to be very long.

30-15 A good first serve African Open.

15 to 30 Jazeera right race for a long time.

15-15 Heat and deep back Jazeera error.

15-0 Good short Tunisian forcing Chilean get overwhelmed.

Jazeera SERVICE in the final set.

even he managed to win the set, Chile, in spite of the fact that he did not win any points with the first blow Jazeera. Duel takes one hour and 18 minutes.

6-3 ¡¡¡ACE Chilean Set VICTORY !!! The characteristic partial closing and Mourning will be determined in the third.

B – 40 The heat of a good kick open which then attacks the parallel law.

40-40 Jazeera court helps with terrible anger, to the detriment of the Chilean.

40-30 Chilean Good attack, set a point.

330-30 Jazeera won the point on the network, but the Chilean reaction showed excellent and in the summer of victory.

15 to 30 Take the right parallel heat winner.

0-30 Fifth double fault of the match to the heat.

0-15 Peloteo good background Tunisian court and reasonably lower ball Chileans who misses right.

3-5 Jazeera Heat game and will now be used for installation.

40-0 Jazeera from the court in Zary leaving a backhand into the network.

30-0 Piece Heat be long.

15-0 Heat network attacked, but missed a volley.

5-2 Zary says game with an open order to not receive any response.

40-15 Jazeera Heat presses and leaves the ball in the net.

30-15 Large Chilean attack, defining comfortable rivet.

15-15 Return is Jazeera.

0-15 Heat trying to access the network with a piece, but it misses the target.

4-2 Heat BANKRUPTCY! Chile finally reached a break and take more advantage in the set.

30 – 40 Jazeera fourth double fault and a turning point for the Chilean. Warning.

30-30 Jazeera third double fault.

30-15 Heat a good cross ago.

30-0 Another Tunisian winning combo right angle and open.

15-0 Jazeera attacks from the service and determine the winner before.

3-2 Therefore, in the network, and hence Dzhazira Heat has the advantage in the set.

40-30 Chilean network attacks and allow the passage of a shot Jazeera network.

30-30 Right on Jarry network.

30-15 Well first Chilean service.

15-15 Heat attempt and failure of the right long network in a comfortable air to the side of the net.

15-0 Jazeera ago.

2-2 Jazeera comfortable win game scratch.

40-0 The perfect backhand winner Tunisia.

30-0 Jazeera good attack, which makes running the Chilean and fails.

15-0 Heat attempted backhand contrapié, but is off target.

2-1 Jazeera was trying to impress a short but Heat reacts with a drop counter unanswered. GAME Chilean.

40-30 Good heat control point definition of solid volleys.

30-30 The characteristic in the network affect the Heat after a hard ball that he threw a Tunisian.

15 to 30 Heat again not be able to easily right.

15-15 Another powerful blow from the heat and takes a long time.

0-15 Heat a good kick, but fails in the reverse order.

1-1 Jazeera game.

40-15 Heat no advantage from the second serve did not return and sends a long way around.

30-15 Excellent heat parallel passing, when he went to the African network.

30-0 Jazeera looked embarrassed, but took a good drop shot that surprised the Chilean.

15-0 Jazeera good attack after an aggressive first serve.

1-0 Heat game back after a long Jazeera.

B – 40 Tunisia is currently assisting Heat fail turn sought to attack.

40-40 Chile is trying to attack, but allows you to send to the network.

40-30 Again, the first service gives you a hand heat.

30-30 Heat leaves the regression to the network.

30-15 Chile's powerful first serve, I did not answer.

15-15 Jazeera leaves a forehand into the network.

0-15 Heat begins a set of double faults.

Nicolas BEGIN Heat pulled in the second set.

The first set lasted 38 minutes, wherein the Heat won only two points 11 with a second service, In addition, the national squandered two break points I ordered.

3-6 Jazeera WINS FIRST SET. Open a good first serve that the Chilean will not be returned.

B – 40 Heat did all well but missed an easy volley to locate the point.

40-40 Heat keeps another set point with a good blow job.

40-30 Jazeera Heat forces to come to the net and Chilean rush to be right outside.

30-30 Heat applies pressure to the second and Tunisian is settled with the winner blow case.

30-15 Perfect parallel return of Chilean Jazeera surprises.

30-0 Heat involved law that bypasses the network.

15-0 Nice try Jarry deal, but it is a little bit wider.

3-5 Heat ace to win the game. He saved three set points.

B – 40 Great point in Jarry network, survived a devastating Tunisia, which was taken up and was able to pass with a volley.

40-40 It opened a great first serve, but fails Chilean comfortable right.

B – 40 Excellent heat a forehand winner.

40-40 Finally the judge determines that the ball was good, and the point is repeated.

B – 40 Jazeera for a long time to come back.

40-40 Heat attack the rights and opponent leaves the ball in the net.

30 – 40 Jazeera ago.

15-40 Heat risky second serve, but it gives you profit.

0-40 Heat terrible right two meters long leaves. Three sets of points.

0-30 Heat tries to attack, but fails.

0-15 Chilean double fault to start the game.

5-2 Jazeera point a big win with a winning contrapié case.

40-30 Jazeera the attack with a powerful right cross and heat fails.

30-30 Jazeera good service, did not answer the heat.

15 to 30 Jazeera backhand long.

15-15 Double fault Tunisia.

15-0 Jazeera also define the first point in the network.

2-4 Heat game with a strong first-served basis.

B – 40 Heat ace

40-40 Another backhand error from the Heat now looks parallel.

40-30 Heat backhand long.

40-15 Good backhand runs parallel to the net take-off of the Heat Jazeera.

30-15 Heat tries to resist to the right of the race, but it is on the network.

30-0 Jazeera attempts to short that is in the network.

15-0 Heat is a good first option.

1-4 Most network attack Jazeera confirms break and take a 4-1 lead.

40-15 Chile reserves second return service on the network.

30-15 Jazeera Heat leads to the network and Chile is well defined with a short volley.

30-0 Heat fails kind of law is wide.

15-0 Jazeera first point

1-3 Another simple right and blocked the Chilean Jazeera bankruptcy service.

15-40 Jazeera great backhand return and left with two break points.

15 to 30 Well the first thing is the Chilean mistake, forcing his opponent to the right.

0-30 Heat loses strange point. Big first serve, but the network is not immediately easy.

0-15 Heat double fault.

1-2 Glow long ago and runs Jazeera trouble to win his place. He held up two break points.

B – 40 The first ace of the match Tunisia.

40-40 Jazeera retain the second break point with more before ending shot victory.

30 – 40 Heat hooked backhand that goes wide.

15-40 Excellent point Chilean, who took the initiative, attacked the net and made a mistake. Double break point.

15 to 30 Jazeera first double fault.

15-15 Heat well, just attacked, but then left a backhand into the network.

0-15 Jazeera attempts to short that is in the network.

1-1 Heat game with another powerful first-served basis.

40-30 Heat good attacking in parallel with a powerful right and win the point.

30-30 Heat double fault.

30-15 Characteristic ago Jazeera surprises heat.

30-0 Heat beautiful first service.

15-0 Heat a good network attack that do not contain Jazeera.

0-1 Heat for a long time and again Jazeera won the first game.

40-15 Another powerful first serve Jazeera and the right Zary long.

30-15 Therefore, in Jarry network.

15-15 Jazeera good first blow with a long transfer heat.

0-15 Heat a good first point of forcing Jazeera errors.

The match kicks! Jazeera served.

Jazeera heat already in the field. He will serve Tunis.

Due to its great presentation in Barcelona, Jarry rose 11 places in the ATP rankings and was in position 70 °, Last year at Estoril beat Leonardo Mayer and Ricardo Ojeda Lara before fall to 11, on the planet Pablo Carreño.

duel Fever with Jazeera planned to start at 7:00 ChileIn the first round Cascai court.

Estoril from the & # 39 is an important tournament for The heat in this part of the year, and the protection of 45 points achieved last season in Portugal, This is the route of the fourth and fifth seed of the event.

Chile comes from doing an excellent week in BarcelonaWhere he reached the quarter-finals in the company's dream, he entered the tournament as a happy loser. On its way He defeated world number three Alexander Zverev.

Welcome! We'll start with a story about the first round match Estoril ATP in the presence of Nicolas HeatWho faced Tunisian Jazeera.

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