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Javiera Acevedo was empty after a new love Glamorama break


Author: Cristián Farías Ravanal / March 30, 2019

A year ago, Javiera Acevedo declared his love in Instagram.

"Happy Birthday to the love of my life, a thousand years with you! Pollollo, that a & # 39 are thousands of my heart. Best partner, someone wants! It's lucky I was! I love you, a blonde, "he wrote to his partner, who is not a field of television.

But courtship again and last night at the premiere of & # 39; EASURES star talk can talk in Chilevisión, actress 34 years have shown very sensitive to emotional breakdown. These were some of his words:

"I have not the love of my life with me. And we all have life and love must come next. I am very sensitive, but I'm stronger, because we talked about everything, and I will not suffer again all the time, and I have suffered.

"We were very close friends for life. I had to do a lot of things, to be with him, and it was not. And it's hard, because he saw me as a friend, and try to change this mentality, you say "yes, I can. He can fall in love with me. And you fall in love, and it is still the same, and you want to change, to make it what you want. And it should not change.

"I chose someone I wanted to, but it's not the man I need, I want to have children, something & # 39; S. This is less. You go in different stages. You go up the steps in life, and I can not wait for that person to go on the same frequency. There, the frequency of different people and gives the same age.

"Since I have 17 years, I want to be a mom. I also talk to my family & # 39; s that the mind is so strong that if you're trying a lot of something, "someone loves me, someone loves me," begging for love, and if you do not pass at your feet, and you you do not give the love you want, then you are suffering there.

"Finally, what is happening to you, and so I think that even with the death and the experience you have, you learn something. Every person who comes into my life, come to teach.

"Last year, I finished. Then there was a kind of return, but it was not in the end.

"It happened quite recently. I am absolutely convinced (he made the decision). And while I'm here, the more I am convinced, because I believe that if one plays things, most of them are satisfied. That the decree, and energy, because the energy is very strong, and one faith, decree that my head must go hand in hand with it. I can not be in his suffering for those who do not like me.

"This idea (they will support friendship), but it confused and had not been achieved. And that's what makes me sad.

"Life teaches me that you have to love yourself to get someone who deserves you. I idealize the pair, and also because I did not know them before them.

"It should give me, because the loss of someone you did not give the energy you want, and that's because there will come someone or something better … The first time I was alone … Maybe one will be very necessary for me, because I've never been.

"It hurts, of a broken heart, it is a process you must learn to deal with it. I love it, because they teach, that makes you a giant.

"I'm not in love. Maybe I'm in love with love. The rich want. But I do not know what you love. "

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