Friday , June 25 2021

Joker, Persona 5 will be the first mark as DLC

We are already on December 7th, which means that Super Smash Bros. The final will be available in stores today, something that Nintendo wanted to celebrate in the Game Awards in 2018 with the statement that caught us by surprise, indicating that there will be the first character to come to DLC Best Nintendo Game Switch this year.

Breaking all the pools that are circulating on the network will attempt no more and no less than joker Persona 5, which leaves the door open for the next additions are also characters from other third parties, even though it makes us wonder, by the way, makes a fantastic RPG hybrid will be released on the Nintendo console?

We do not know when it is the first character pack will be available, but remember that you can get your hands on subscription Super Smash Bros. The final five years of arriving in the coming months and that will give you access to other elements.

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