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Juan Tagle was re-elected and continues to command the Crusader


Director, was elected unanimously. "This suggests that there is a unified and work together to support the project. We are all rowing in the same direction, and we want the best for the club. "

Juan Tagle to follow the team Cruzados, the concessionaire that manages the football industry Universidad Catolica. The manager was unanimously re-elected.

"Unanimous vote of the Council, I was asked to continue as President. In addition, he asked Guillermo Aguero as the first vice-president and Erna de Solminihac as the second vice-chair. The table is saved. It is a & # 39 is a reflection of that of & # 39 combines the joint project "he said.

"It was a very interesting meeting, a lot of support and understanding of what we are doing, to be heard. Very narrow result has become one of the ten candidates for the nine seats. Felipe Correa Integrates Council, which needs to know for his role as manager of choice was also our player below. A lot of Fernando Echeverria was elected by a narrow margin. Please Luis Larrain appointed sports club and the university is Erna de Solminihac Tampier «, he said.

Tagle consulted with the arrival of Harold Mayne-Nicholls in black and black and wished antofagastino, all for the benefit of football.

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