Latin Grammy: Drexler has "Maracanazo" among Caribbean idols


The Uruguayan was the big winner that night with three awards; among Argentina the only winner is Fito Páez; Elangela Aguilar from 15 years of Mexico is a great revelation Source: Reuters

LAS VEGAS.- It's easy to leave the analysis after the match. Luck is never tossed and gone if it is understood by thousands of people who bet every day on the eternal night of Las Vegas, the casino city. The day before yesterday,

Jorge Drexler

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had been in front of the microphone to continue to mark the course — and the rhythm — which he did with this album which gave him three

Latin Grammy

, and ordained as
the main winner that night. "We live because we are in the movement", Uruguayan musicians sing in "Movimiento" and it is shown in the 19th edition of

Latin Grammy

. With eight nominations, Colombian J. Balvin started as a big favorite of the day but could only bring home prizes that no one could take, the best urban music album,
You vibrate. However, Colombia shows its strength in the framework of complicated Latin American music.

Voters from the Latin Recording Academy, the organizers of the award, decided on Karol G when giving awards to the Best New Artists; by


in the
the best contemporary album pop category (F.A.M.E.) and for

Carlos Vives

on the best contemporary tropical album. When choosing a heavy representative for the show that night, there were so many

J Balvin


Carlos Vives

. Balvin sings with Carla Morrison Mexico, first and for celebrating industry feat later, with

Nicky Jam

and DJ Steve Aoki. And you live with a beautiful combo involving Latin rhythms, little jazz and pop that Monsieur Periné. Yes, also Colombian.

J. Balvin, promise not
J. Balvin, promise not

TV for Latin America by TNT (an estimated 65 million viewers took part in the ceremony for this signal) and for the United States by Univision, the evening ceremony (night here in Las Vegas) is a show, not a classic gift like his Grammy Awards ( or his grandfather, since his first edition was far and away before: 1959), within three hours of a series of musical numbers that tended to celebrate diversity Jorge Drexler spoke a few minutes after winning the third prize, the main one, this year. In the grand stands of the MGM Arena, a modern space for ten thousand spectators, the public who bought tickets for this event behaved like at any concert in the United States. He waited for the interval to be released to the nearest food and beverage shop, accompanying his "peered cries" to his favorite musicians, daring to ask Maná "one more", even knowing that there was no place to improvise on prizes and less to extend the scheduled schedule. In this way, prizes are only part of the offer. Very clear with numbers in hand. At the premiere, the name that received the first night of the day, which can only be followed in streaming, 38 of the 49 prizes were awarded.

In the first ceremony that took place at another hotel, Mandalay Bay – only ten minutes from the MGM Grand, the main venue of the event -, the good part of the day's conclusion was drawn and an irreversible trend was established: prize distribution and most winners of all opportunities. The first part of the Latin Grammy, as explained by the president of the Latin Recording Academy, Gabriel Abaroa Jr., held lunch for all nominations. To celebrate and hope that nothing moves from your table to the end. Only the winners, who within minutes were in the MGM press room to talk to the media throughout Latin America.

Claudia Montero, surprise Argentina
Claudia Montero, surprise Argentina

They say that what happened in Las Vegas was in Las Vegas, but it was impossible not to travel the world and anchor in Argentina what Claudia Montero had. "Yes, I am the first Argentine woman to get it," he said, apparently moving after winning not just one but two Latin Grammy, in the category of Best Classical Music (Magic and Mysterious) and Best Contemporary Classical Composition / Work (Light and Shadow). Concert for guitar and string orchestra). But it will be a mirage if it's about an Argentine artist. Fito Páez's solo in the best rock song and surprise prize in the tango category for Pedro Giraudo (an Argentine musician who has lived in the United States for 20 years and who defeated heavyweights such as Daniel Binelli, Rodolfo Mederos and Omar Mollo), our artists will harvest. But far from hoping that miraculously this trend will turn around and that in the near future Argentina will become a new Colombia for Latin Grammy, our musicians must start working. As Soledad Pastorutti told us the night before the award, when Maná was awarded the Person of the Year difference: "I am here to plant a flag, so next year an Argentine musician or band can take this special difference, which Now he does not give gifts to people – our people, and we have artists to recognize, right? "

In the same direction, a day later and even with disappointment at not being given, some musicians and managers agree that you have to start work. How to? Affiliated with the Latin Recording Academy. The percentage of Argentine musicians listed is rare and in the end are musicians and people from the industry who choose. And, as in any election, the way to change trends is by choosing. Jorge Drexler's victory gave a more hopeful view, was less skeptical and not at all pessimistic. It must be read as a triumph of artisanal songs, small ideas born in the heads of artists and expanding into the world. In this sense, that Uruguay has won too much music must be seen as a new Maracanazo. It only remains that luck – but with work, we insist – travel to another beach Del Plata.

They set the track

Rosalia, strengthening her position above
Rosalia, strengthening her position above

On the red carpet are Carla Morrison, Andrea Echeverri (Grammy winner with Aterciopelados for the best alternative music album) and Li Saumet, from Bomba Estéreo. The three agreed that the journey to equality runs in one direction, without a rearview mirror. After getting two awards, impacting on the stage because of its combination of pop, flamenco and urban rhythm, the young Rosalía (highly praised by Drexler) came to the room with her Gramophone in her hand and the right words: "I will not stop struggling to find the same woman as the man in a recording studio, to be given the same visibility, to claim artists like Missy Elliot, Björk and follow in their footsteps, without them I wouldn't be here. "In the same direction, a few hours before Linda Briceño from Venezuela asks to appreciate the work done with excellence and not think of gender. The artist achieved one of the strongest effects of the 19th. the delivery of this award, which will be imposed in the Producer category of the year above Rafael Arcaute Argentina, Eduardo Cabra (former Calle 13), Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo and Julio Reyes Copello). And while Karol G was ordained a new artist, the real revelation was a 15-year-old girl, Mexico Ángela Aguilar (daughter of a country legend, Pepe Aguilar), whose interpretation of the classic "La Llorona" succeeded in silencing ten thousand souls. It transmits unmatched sadness and nostalgia in the body, which comes from the DNA of a moving, always moving ancestor that does not originate here or from there. A voice that migrates, like the culture that we summarize today as Latina and that in terms of industry is seen with a very good eye by the Saxon market like never before. After "Despacito", after Maracanazo from Drexler and before the next impact.


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