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Lightning Strike 2019: new high-performance electric motorcycle for $ 12998 – Electric Motorcycles – hybrid and electric


After a few preliminary and incomplete images of the & # 39; ads, Lightning Strike was finally presented in the company's headquarters in San Jose, California, expectations according to your specifications and keep the advertised price: 12.998 dollars (11,500 euros) for the base model in the United States. Lightning on the & # 39; to reveal its plans for international expansion later this year, so There may come to Europe in the near future.

According Lightning Strike was developed as an electric sports bike for the track, but out-of-door, According to the company, "combines elements of high performance with ease of daily use, comfort and aerodynamic efficiency help to extend the range of high speeds." The case has been designed based on extensive wind tunnel testing, which, according to the Lightning, making the most efficient electric motorcycle aerodynamically.

Lightning Strike will be available in three different embodiments: Standard Punch, Punch Punch Mid Range and Carbon edition. Three use the same engine with liquid cooling, offering different levels of power, speed and capacity of the battery.

Thunderbolt Standard

The basic version of the new electric motorcycle can be purchased 12.998 dollarsIt will include an electric motor with a rated power 67 kW (90 hp) and the torque is transmitted to the rear wheels 245 NmIts maximum speed is 217 km / h.

New lightning strike

This is the easiest model of the three, from 206 kilograms thanks to battery 10kWh offer between 113 and 161 km autonomy as management on urban routes or roads. Charger, the on-board support The maximum power of 3.3 kWWith his battery recharging may be performed at 1 (US 110 V) and level 2 by a J1772 connector, wherein the charging time is between two to three hours. can be purchased if desired Charger 6.6 kW which sells for $ 1,500.

Lightning Strike Mid Range

The second installation option for the price 16.998 dollars (EUR 15,100) and mechanically the same as above, although in this case the battery 15 kW, Increasing his weight to 211 kg, just five more than the base model.

With this battery autonomy moves between 169 and 241 km in the city or highway. If more capacity battery recharge time is also lengthened if the option is 6.6 kw charger, reducing it to not less than three hours to digest.

Lightning Strike Carbon Edition

The most expensive of the three versions will cost 19.998 dollars (17,800 euros). In this case it is more cost means more power, more speed, greater range and a shorter recharge time. In addition, it includes a higher quality components in suspension and brakes and fairing carbon fiber.

Components Lightning Strike Carbon Edition, the highest quality

Components Lightning Strike Carbon Edition, the highest quality.

The electric motor in this version increases Power 90 kW (210 hp) and battery capacity to 20 kW weight increased to 220 kilograms. It can help you achieve autonomy from 150 and 200 kilometers city ​​and highway.

In this case, 6.6 kw charger with 39 & # is a standardRodney rapid charging system. With the first load will be delayed more than three hours are reduced to 35 minutes When using a fast charging. According to the Lightning for 20 minutes can be reduced to 160 km of autonomy.

Inherits some of the innovations of LS-218, which holds the record for the speed of the electric motorcycle 351 km / h Before reaching this embodiment, it reaches 241 km / h the maximum speed, making it the second fastest production motorcycle on the market, for Italian ENERGICA

Lightning Strike Carbon Edition offers all the possible options for configuration, not with & # 39 are required in the other two versions: a carbon fiber body. Öhlins suspension, Brembo Monoblock brakes, panel AIM Strada timer and record data based on GPS.

Deliveries of this version, the first to go into production, is planned July.


For a base price announced, Lightning relied on model of global power, The company will do most of the production of components in China, about the & # 39 site in 1860 square meters in Quzhou, south of Shanghai. motorcycle will then gather at Lightning installations in San Jose, California.

New lightning strike 2


Price lightning puts it in a good position relative to the competition. For example, if the directory Zero Motorcycles, the equivalent would be a good model ZF 7,2 with & # 39 is the model of the entrance to the S line with additional Charge Tank, which adds a level of load 2, which initially supported the strike, and it costs $ 2290. In these conditions, the price is $ 13290 more than a blow in ahead: a third more speed twice the capacity more than twice as wide and between 10 and 50 percent greater autonomy

ZF14.4With a slightly higher performance, it has a price of $ 16290, again with additional changes to the tank to load faster. In this case, the model is greater than the autonomy of the zero standard version of a lightning strike, although it is still above the speed, power and torque. In this case, the version of the Mid Range at $ 16,998 will have the same capacity of the battery, while maintaining performance benefits.

The top model of the series, Carbon edition, could be compared with the new Zero SR / F, being less than $ 1,000 and offers 40 km / h top speed. (240 km / h compared to 200 km / h). The only advantage of the null model would be its great autonomy, although the blow set higher quality components.

Zero officially presented SR F, it is the most powerful electric motorcycle

Zero SR / F, electric motorcycles more powerful

In comparison with ENERGICAElectric motorcycle manufacturer Italian cheaper price of $ 21,000, offering more power, while a standard punch for $ 8,000 less than the maximum speed exceeds a similar autonomy for the two.

In conclusion, the Lightning Strike base model reaches the market of electric motorcycles more specifications at a lower price competitionAnd the other two versions add some cool features, as well as the price at the moment no manufacturer can match.

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