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Lollapalooza Chile 2019: Twenty-one pilots showed why he was the headliner Paloma MAMI collapsed and its stage


They had doubts about the fact that the election of twenty-one pilots, to close one of the three days of Lollapalooza Chile has been successful. A group of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun is not one of the hottest songs on the radio, and his popularity Viral gestated in our country.

Already in 2016, his first time in the case of Perry Farrell was clear that they were a group that was supposed to pay attention. This 2019 signal was even more evident. Since the beginning this Saturday, fans were marked by the duo wear handkerchiefs and yellow details. They are even a few that have been attached to the bars VTR early stage to see their idols up close.

Twenty One Pilots on the scene delivered a powerful show where, if someone closes his eyes, he can not imagine that they are the only two musicians playing. With open eyes, we can see that every minute of your presentation really worked on the interaction and lunge with Tyler and Josh, in a play of light and the direction of the video projected on the screens.

"Overalls" and "levitation, both of his new album" Depression "(2018), opened the exhibition, which focused on the songs of this work and its previous success titled" Blurryface «(2015).

Before message Malone confirmed the popularity indices of the American hip-hop. Light, fire and rock group 23 years was a good introduction for the show Twenty One Pilots. The presentation, which featured the hits "the Better Now", "Wow." "White Iverson" "of Rockstar" and "Congratulations", which were sung by the audience who came to the Bank of the Stage de Chile. Parallel to this, Acer, America put together the party, suggesting that its inclusion was a great contribution in the line of Lollapalooza.

Chaos unleashed Paloma MAMI

But who stole the day was Paloma MAMI. And to show that they knew that it would be very limited, eventually collapsing capacity audience who can get step lotus. After the presentation of the Mexican German, the sector has been a great challenge, and his show was over, the arrival of people do not stop. Forty-five minutes of his debut at Lollapalooza Chile, industrialists asked the audience back a bit to unpack the barricade.

It was the same request is made, we Paloma on the scene with a few minutes in advance, and was preceded by a pixelated image of a white dove. Dressed in white and with the participation of dancers, the singer unleashed Var & # 39; yatstva in the audience, who sang four songs.

In the end, it was so many people, there was a lot that even unable to see or hear Paloma WE. Frozen food trolley and carriage with a man suffered tide, which was formed with the slow and difficult.

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