Thursday , November 26 2020

Luli wanted to make a good social effect and that was more provoked fury in social networks

Nicole "Luli" Moreno trying to make a good social action, but has also been criticized.

The model divides the picture next to a disabled girl, who met in the "Chic style» VTR and wrote "Time will never forget ? #cambiosdevida #estilochic».

Instead of being filled with positive comments, as you might expect, there were reviews of Instagram users.

"You need to upload a photo? We can do something from the heart, without others to see! No need to pick them up, "was one comment.

"100 ampoules more alums" were others.

"Sister Teresa of Calcutta with a & # 39 is espadrilles near Luli" also ironizaron.

On the other hand, the position @ _ale.bravo was: "Why do we have to bury their children with a disability or illness? Or & # 39 is a sin, that they take a photo and upload to social networking sites? They are ugly, does not meet the requirements of society? ".

Talk fed between followers Luli, who defended against detractors. Finally «Chic Style» made his own statement, noting that "today was a special day for @nicolelulichile and our team, and this picture is from the & # 39 is the label that Nicole wants (sic) to leave the social network, unfortunately many do not know what's going on behind the screen and, above all, many do not know about the big heart that is our beloved master. "

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