Friday , June 25 2021

Marvel Ultimate Alliance announced 3: The Black Order exclusively for Nintendo Switch –

during The Game Awards 2018It was announced Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order as an exclusive title Nintendo switchWhere it will arrive in 2019 by Geoff Keighley He confirmed that the title is being developed Team Ninja.

We leave you with a description of fair play as follows:

returns MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE Series for the first time in 10 years with a new action RPG exclusively on the Nintendo communication system! Collect your ultimate Marvel superhero team with a huge cast including Avenger, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men and more! Team up with friends to defend the galaxy from destruction at the hands of the cosmic tyrant Thanos, and his ruthless soldiers on the ground, Black Order.

In this new story, heroes and villains come together in a race to find the Marvel Universe through the infinity gems to The Black Order Thanos and use them to uncover cosmic chaos. From Avengers Tower to the X-Mansion and beyond, each stop on a dangerous quest to stop Thanos produce unexpected meeting between your favorite characters and iconic locations.

Get closer to the action, changing the view of the prospects for the "heroic house" over his shoulder, a new addition to the series provides a more exciting way to play single player or multiplayer for up to four systems.

Juegua online *, offline mode using a local wireless network, or simply passes the command Joy-Con to the other, so you can join your team. With another pair of Joy-Con handles (sold separately), four players can join the same system! The possibility of I / O co-operatives allow players to create their own «Ultimate Alliance» on their own.

You can find the official announcement Nintendo below:

You can see the trailer on Youtube below:

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