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Nicole Moreno rose photo with his son and washed minutes: "Thank God for this moment» | TV & Entertainment

National model Nicole "Luli" Moreno He shared a photo of her son with a powerful message, and then wiped off a few minutes. "Thank God, at this moment," he wrote next to the image.

Moreno has not lived the easy days. January 3, he had to talk to the media about the alleged involvement of his son 16 years in an incident in which a young man was shot and Sur & # 39; ozna hurt.

"My son had nothing to do. For me, I can do bag it all means, and I understand that it's your job, but do not mess my son, "said the opportunity.

However, later he & # 39; was the mother of the wounded in the media that "I do not know if you can call it a rivalry, but it comes from a few months ago This friction between my son and another child (son Moreno)." .

It was a Saturday, the child ultimately ended up being arrested by the police criminal investigation department in the middle of an investigation on charges of attempted murder. It was the same mother, who gave her son the authorities.

The formalization of charges was initially set for the next day. However, it was postponed for the day on Monday.

Nicole Moreno
Pablo Rojas | FILE | agency UNO

Instagram, in the last hours, the model published an image that was later dropped. He looked at both of them, quite pleased, in the metropolitan area.

The catch was about 20,000 "Like" and dozens of comments. Currently, you can not see, then he changed his mind Moreno confidential.

However, the screenshot shows that photo, "Luli" wrote: "Thank God, at this moment (…), that only ears to hear the truth."

You can see it below:

grab Instagram
grab Instagram

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