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Not only smell associated with a 50% risk of dying within 10 years


Posted on 2019/04/30 8:07:37CET

Madrid, May 30 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The new study "Michigan State University" in the United States, published in the Annals of Medicine Interanal "says that older people with little sense of smell can be increased by almost 50 percent in their risk of death within 10 years, amazingly healthy people.

"Poor sense of smell becomes more common as people age, and there is a link with an increased risk of death"Says Professor Chen Honglei, an epidemiologist who has focused his research on the sensory deficiency in the elderly." Our research with the & # 39 is the first to observe the possible reasons that predict increased mortality. "

Using survey data «ABC» National Institute of Health in the USA Aging, Chen and his research team examined data from nearly 2,300 participants between 71 and 82 years for 13 years. Among the participants were men and women, whites and blacks, who performed the smell test 12 common odors.

The researchers then classified the party, as if they smell good, moderate or bad. Compared with older adults with good intuition, those with bad odor was 46 percent increased risk of death at 10 years and 30 percent at the age of 13 years.

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The results have been a minimal impact of gender, race or other demographic and lifestyle factors. Nevertheless, The sensational discovery was that it was found that the healthy study participants were largely responsible for the increased risk.

Poor sense of smell is known as an early sign of Parkinson's disease and dementia and is associated with weight loss. However, these conditions were only 28 percent higher risk, with the result that the majority without explanation.

"We have no grounds for more than 70 per cent increased risk. We must find out what happened to these people, "said Chen, who is planning to keep a secret in future studies. He adds that the bad smell may be an early and sensitive sign of ill health before they are recognized in the doctor's office.

"This suggests that in older people, the sense of smell deteriorates broad health because we already know the consequences," says Chen. "The addition of an olfactory screening in routine medical visits can be a good idea at some point," he adds. "It is always useful to talk to your doctor about health problems"He concludes.

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