Thursday , November 26 2020

Old found dismembered in La Serena

grisly discovery This was the one who made a couple in the early hours of Sunday in La Serena, Coquimbo.

24 hours reported, MEDELI Lizardi went for a walk with her husband on a hill if it he found the lifeless body.

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it was 89-year-old man missing more than a monthHis family & # 39; I lost 9 November and already several companies to establish their whereabouts.

"Within a few days we came to the hill with my husband, and I brought it today, and I found it to be a surprise"Said the woman.

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Unfortunately, the body of the man was dismembered, as confirmed by the police, he did not have arms and head.

still the possible perpetrators of this fact and the reasons that motivated the unknown.

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