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Old rain! for the first time in a year it comes in the center-south of the country


Rain to the old, will shoot in vain, it will rain chuzo. Figurative language helps us to size, in common parlance, the first major event of the year precipitation over the central south.

It all begins this Wednesday (May 1), with heavy rains over the regions of Los Lagos, Los Ríos and La Araucanía. Furthermore, with winds of up to 60 kilometers per hour on the average (gusts is about 100 kilometers per hour in specific sectors hauls) and, most disturbing, with 0 isotherms high, i.e., is rain in the mountainous regions, where usually it is snowing,

#ElTiempoCHV urges them to be attentive to the floods in the river flow, floods, the probability of landslides, detachment of the branches or fallen trees, power outages, etc. Therefore Onemi decree preventive early warning in the three regions and the Chilean Met Office has issued a warning about the weather & # 39; and.

Thursday (2 May) reaches cloudy Bio Bio and Maule tarnish with a good amount of water. This section will wind 40 to 50 miles / h. On the same day, the rain is also not supported to the sectors of Los Lagos in the south. Thursday afternoon with a & # 39 is the possibility of thunderstorms in the La Araucanía and Los Ríos.

On Friday (May 3), these heavy rains reach O & # 39; Higgins. On the same day, at night and on Saturday (4 May), some showers may include a spacer sector of Valparaiso and metro regions. Most likely, still covered in the capital, only falls option at the moment. On the same day, it is likely to rain on the La Araucanía, Los Ríos and Los Lagos.

Saturday (4 May), is likely to develop into thunderstorms wide areas of central-southern part of the country, especially among the dull and Los RiosOn Sunday (May 5) to return calm to the outside only & # 39; e, though a cold morning with a & # 39 is with the possibility of frost in the south.

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