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Pamela Diaz remains in the CHV and announcements that encourage "morning and evening" Glamorama

Author: SS / 17 December 2018

"We can say that Pamela Diaz new fan Chilevisión morning. And they prepare the program for the night, "they said on Monday Morning.

Pamela Diaz was one of the protagonists of caring "television crane" Chilean television. And after several rumors, an entertainer will stay in the sign of the Turner Group.

This was revealed backstage cheerleader n & # 39; play Asi Es La Tele, played by Pamela Ignacio Gut & # 39; ERES and Chiqui Aguayo casino Enjoy Los Andes.

In conversation, Diaz confirmed that the channel remains in the Turner group and encouraged projects "in the morning and evening"

Nacho Gut & # 39; ERES: "Pamela, the first question. You have, as you have signed a contract with an existing channel or the other? "

Pamela straightened as Nacho asked.

Pamela Diaz: "No, and the firm"

Gut & # 39; ERES: "Did you sign the contract?"

Diaz: "I signed"

Gut & # 39; ERES: "Where are you staying?"

Diaz: "In Chilevisión»

Gut & # 39; ERES: "How long?"

Diaz: "Three years"

Gut & # 39; ERES: "What kind of programs do you do? Open your eyes (laughs).

"What are you doing in Chilevisión?

Pamela jokes.

Chiqui Aguayo: "I FSUs. What program are you going to stay? Give me the key. In the morning, afternoon or evening? "

Diaz: "In the morning and evening."

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