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Peñasquito suspends all payments for blocking


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Zacatecas. Mazapil located in the mining industry claims that ejidatarios leader, Felipe Pineda, requires US $ 442 million for their alleged involvement in the spring

Newmont Peñasquito Goldcorp announced that it has suspended all payments to employees and union workers, contractors, suppliers and communities.

He said this in a statement, blocking the mine since 27 March, led by Felipe Pineda, adviser of Senator Jose Cespedes Narra and a group of ejidatarios.

Then the statement is as follows:

Peñasquito mine in Mazapil, Zacatecas, regrets to inform the public that we are forced to suspend all payments to employees and non-ionizing contractors workers.

In addition, we will suspend all contributions to the trusts, industrial projects, scholarships and social investment programs.

The cause of these suspensions with & # 39 is that since March 27, 2019 a group of Ejido San Juan de Cedros, with members and leaders of the "Vienna" carrier blocking operation of the mine Peñasquito illegally prevent the escape and the ground input of the suras & # 39 ; serious consequences.

At the meeting, the same day 27, with the company required its representative, Felipe Pineda, (Sen. Jose Narro advisor), the payment of 442 million dollars for alleged involvement in a pond in the community,

Community members pointed out that the assistant Narro senator and two legal advisers receive $ 80000000 of such payment.

Owner vein Ascension Carrillo, prestanombres, used for simulation has society organization associated carriers. Actually it takes important potential member of CAVA Commission.

Mr. Carrillo requires payments to 184 million pesos for alleged "tariff shift" that, in fact, is nothing more than an attempt to extort.

The company announced on April 9 that no longer work with the vein company for their repeated illegal blockades in the mining operation. production contract directly with local carriers, to ensure that they earn better (do not pay a commission, Mr. Carrillo) and the economic and moral deterioration of facing repeated attempts to extort Coffee.

It should be noted that the blockers, in their public statements, they insist focused on water and labor positions, but your private messages extracted focus directly and openly to demand these amounts of money.

Our company is not ready to give in to this attempt of extortion on the part of these individuals. We have opened a criminal case against the leaders of the siege and some of the staff have also condemned these people, the threat of violence they have suffered.

Senator Narro slandered our company repeatedly with a strong and obvious lies about our activities. We reiterate our mine operates with the highest respect for environmental standards and the communities around us.

This blocking effect on the revenue stream of more than 20 thousand people working directly and indirectly in the production operation. More than 80% of workers zacatecanos and more than 500 are from nearby communities.

The position of Mina, and always will be, to maintain a dialogue and to seek sustainable solutions. Confirm this with the & # 39 is that 25 communities in our area of ​​influence, only a handful of them are involved in the illegal blockade.

Therefore, we ask the Mexican authorities and Zacatecan help unblock the situation sur & # 39; ozna affects so many people, the greed of a few.


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