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Peñasquito suspends payment to its employees


MAZAPIL.- Monday Peñasquito mining company announced the suspension of payments more than 20 000 direct and indirect workers.

In a statement, Newmont mining company Goldcorp confirmed that the measure was approved by blocking more than a month that paralyzed activities from 27 March.

Create a & # 39 properties located Cedros residents of the community and transporters of Cava.


Those affected by the suspension of the payment of all employees and non-ionizing employees, contractors, suppliers and the community benefited from social programs.

It is worth noting that 80% of workers zacatecanos and more than 500 employees are hired from nearby settlements.

source of problems

In a press release, the mining company said that the cause of the blockage to the & # 39 constitute a waiver Peñasquito, to pay more than 442 million pesos bike.

They explained that the residents of Ejido San Juan de Cedros, with members and leaders of the carrier «CAVA» During meetings on the same day 27, with the company demanding his representative, Felipe Pineda, (Advisor Senator Jose Narro), payment of 442 million dollars for alleged involvement in a pond in this community.

However, residents of the community to show the employer mine Advisor Senator Narro and two legal advisers receive $ 80000000 of such payment.

In a statement, it was reported that the owner of the veins, Ascension Carrillo, prestanombres used to simulate the community is an organization associated transporters and charge significant potential members of CAVA Commission.

The company also announced that Mr. Carrillo requires payments to 184 million pesos for alleged "tariff shift" that, in fact, is nothing more than an attempt to extort.

federal talks

Secretary of Government Jehu Salas Davila said that negotiations between the ejidatarios and Gold Corp, were assumed by the federal government, because they are all governing mining.

According to him, the closure of a company like Goldcorp's, will affect not only the region, or an employee of this company, but also the economic development of the state, where it will be truncated thousands of jobs.

«Goldcorp, was very repetitive as the company that will not give to any economic proposal, that is, he will not give money to any organization; However, the table is building sewage treatment plants, hospitals and various public works, "secretary.

He also assured that the state government has acted as an intermediary part, and was in constant contact and promote whatever is in their hands, to find a reasonable settlement of the parties involved and lead to a resumption of activity.

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