Friday , June 25 2021

Pinera: We will have better days, and we will work to come soon

president Sebastian Pinera figures highlight the report of monetary policy unveiled on Wednesday the Central Bank, which predicts growth of 4.0 percent this year.

The President considered the matter on the very day World stock markets have generalized fall after his arrest in Canada heir telecommunications giant, China Huawei.

Despite the volatility in the international markets, President Piñera emphasized

"Strongly rising, investment and recovery performance, wages, employment strengthened, very good news."

"(This) means that we will have better days, although some people think that they need to get faster and, of course, we will work to come soon and for all households in Chile, "he raised the head of state.

Thus, Piñera guaranteed best times arm rebound of investment in the next year will go to six percent of the projected Central Bank.

External risks for the national economy

In this sense, the president of the BCV, mario Marcel, To submit the report to the Icare showing expectations of better economic performance, but said it all depends on what happens with the international economy and trade war.

"The main risks to these projections in the external sectorEspecially it remains latent possibility of a significant deterioration in the global product economy more abrupt changes in the perception of risk, and in the path of monetary policy or escalating trade conflict, and if these risks materialize, exchange rate fluctuations and stabilizing role of monetary policy in Chile will be important to mitigate its impact on our economy, "said Marcel.

Meanwhile, the controller Quiñenco group businessman Luksic AndronicusThe signing of the contract for the installation of the university in the Asian giant in our country, he expressed confidence in the investment figures delivered yesterday the central bank.

"We have to be sure, the central bank said that the next will be a good year in terms of investment, I think," he said dryly.

The arrest of the daughter of the founder of the company Huawei, was effects in Chile, where the stock market fell 0.45 percent and was the dollar price rose to 676 pesos.

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