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Pixel Google does not sell as well as Google would


If you ask someone about Android mobile brands Of course, they & # 39 are on the list of names as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. And if we did the same question every captured and knowledgeable insurance system Google and its PixelC & # 39; appear at the top. The company is developing a system and a better experience on their smartphones, but they do not reach the majority of the population.

google Pixel Phones are not big sale knew that in spite of the fact that the company has not published figures. In fact, given the methods that Google uses to hide any hint track, we can see that did not sell all that they wanted. And Google itself confirmed.

Pixel sales declined in the past year, as confirmed by Google

Pixel Google does not sell as well as Google would

Google Pixel 3 XL

We are a few days when large companies communicate to investors the economic data of the last quarter, the first of 2019. alphabet is one of these companies: is the net profit of 6.6 billion The benefits of more than 36 billion dollarsThese figures are somewhat lower than expected, especially the hardware company.

Benefits of Google hardware were 4300000000As he pointed out, Ruth Porat, Chief Financial Officer of Google, said that the results of the hardware accused Pixel sales decline over the past year. According to Porat, as reflected 9to5Google:

"Hardware results reflect lower annual sales Pixel, affected partly by a large promotional activities across the industry, and in recent years the pressure on the premium smartphone market".

The reality is that Google can not sell the pixel as a mobile "premium" for brands such as Samsung. apple and now HuaweiOwners of the highest segment of smartphones. Furthermore, the pressure from manufacturers such as Xiaomi OnePlus or in the line of high-end devices also have a negative impact on Google Pixel. This is a & # 39 is the reason why Google is going to take a chance on a new line Pixel, is now cheaper.

Attached to the ratification of the fall Google Pixel Ruth Porat sales and he confirmed that the Google I / O will display equipment. There we will see the new Pixel Pixel 3a and 3rd XL, hope, price / quality ratio is not met expectations.

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