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Prem & # 39; EPA Halo: Master PC Master Collection officially postponed


Some time ago, 343 Industries and Microsoft they promised inside Xbox Upon arrival at the PC Expected collection of Halo games Chief Master CollectionTo start with the prime minister's & # 39; EASURES PC Halo: Reach, however, it seems that something happened in the middle of development, but has officially announced the launch delay.

A few weeks ago the same Brian Jarrard, PR and Marketing Director at 343 Industries, gave the news that if things go the way they were soon in April premiership & # 39; EPA will be ready Halo ReachWith what to begin the laborious task of attracting Halo Master Chief Collection PC.

But a few hours ago, and nothing again Brian JarrardReprinted state of development Halo ReachIn the same publication that was made last April 1, noting that unexpected things will be delayed for several launchers plans Halo Reach and therefore Halo Chief Master Collection in steam.

Well tweet entirely age well, hey, this project & # 39; is a complex and sometimes be transparent means that everything can change, compared with what was initially expected. Work continues, but our first public flight departing a little more than we had budgeted. We'll share more information as soon as.

Unlike the previous tweet, which gave hope that Halo Reach will debut in April, it does not give us a tentative date of when to wait for the launch of the first PC launch plan Halo Master Chief Collection platform PC.

Finally, we will have to wait a little longer to get their hands Halo Reach with all the additions and the work he had to do a 343 Industries, to launch this collection on the PC platform, fortunately, Brian Jarrard It installs as a "fast", where we have more information, it is possible, during these days.

It is expected that Halo Master Chief Collection It will be released in full & # 39; the volume on the PC this year, starting with the Halo ReachWhat are the achievements of the platform steam

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