Friday , December 4 2020

Prosecutors say they have evidence of the origin of pollution in Quintero and points to Iranian oil | National

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Regional prosecutor Bío Bío, Marcel Cartagena, said that the prosecution has evidence that Iranian oil This would lead to an emergency situation, which has forced the evacuation of Molly Plaza El Trebol and clinic in Great Concept, on August 4, and the mass poisoning in Quintero this month.

This is after a raid on the offices of Bio Bio Plant National Petroleum Company (ENAP) in Ualpene where records were obtained to confirm the hypothesis that is already working Ana Maria Aldan tax and crime Brigade Environmental Valdivia department.

All this information will be assessed in order to consider possible formalization.

"The Iranian Heavy»

both forward Radio Bio BioEnap trasvasijó crude from Iran hours before an emergency situation recorded in Talcahuano, a case in which they had to evacuate Molly Plaza TREBOL and a nearby clinic, following an unknown emanations.

Hydrocarbon, known as "The Iranian Heavy»At high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide containing more than 100 parts per million, far more oil than is usually processed in Chile, arrived on board European cargo ship Mont-ToledoWho yesterday evening of August 3, compared with the height of Punta de pair began trasvasije from their warehouses to ship Enap, Cape Victoria.

The last take a boat trip to an industrial zone Quintero and Puchunkavte where mass poisoning was registered, which caused social and environmental crisis.

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