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Ranking Christian Garin, who would & # 39; e Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer | sports


year Christian Garin (47 °) It was just fantastic. Chile won its first title ATP X & # 39; Easton, He reached the final in Sao Paulo and he achieved his best win against Denis SHapovalov (20 °) last week BarcelonaAll this forms the basis of the highest ranking, as it is with the & # 39; is a member of championship, In addition, specific data Garin and is an essential part of the game, in which even surpasses legend Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Chile & # 39 is the best in the world under pressure today.

Garin adds 268 points in the aspect that has four variables: Break points converted break points saved, Tie Breaks victory and wins the final setAll as the ATP Tour is added to achieve the final result. As this figure is Garin? This way.

Product distribution Garin Under pressure

– Break points converted: 39.2%
– Break points saved: 65.2%
– Tie Breaks allowed: 63.6%
– Victorias finite sets: 100%

Better than Nadal, Federer and Djokovic

Garin (268 points), This is the best in the world. Secondly, Martin Kližan (266.1), Chilean victim Barcelona and the third is Nadal (252), In the top five of their close Kei Nishikori (245) and Federer (241.7), Ranking takes into account the last 52 weeks and, although the national ATP did not play in 2018, then the error is much smaller than the big chains, thereby increasing merit Statistics "Gago". Or & # 39 is this Nicholas Heat? 55 with 196.6 points.

Tomorrow, the number one debut in Chile 250 ATP Munich against the German Maden Yannick (114 °) with a mission to extend his winning streak in the Tour and improve their numbers in the clay and molding, where, today, no one b & # 39; e.

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