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Reason Pinilla played Coquimbo Unido – National football


© fotoReligiyaReportazhRestavratsionnyeSvadebnoe Reason Pinilla played Coquimbo Unido

Striker has not debut in the pirate figure, creating a series of speculations, but the boss said that the club due to physical problems.



Days and still Pinilla He can not make his debut with the T-Shirt Coquimbo UnidoWhile it was expected that this weekend is finally going to happen, the striker has not been called up for the match against Huachipato.

What happened? Jorge ContadorPresident pirate picture, explained that the lack of players in the game this Sunday, because he did not practice with the team. "That's why there is no other," he said, denying any problems with Colon de Santa Fe.


"A particular problem has been injuries, knee first, then double contracture made a last, since he played"He said in his speech, reconstructed Day.

Contador said that "getting better, trot and made a recovery job", so they expect themselves to make his debut in the match against the Cola-Cola, which is scheduled for April 6.

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