Saturday , April 17 2021

Recent incidents in Sant & # 39; Yaga after protests from Case Catrillanca

Van Providencia ended fire

With the checkered flag ended the incident, which took place in Plaza Italia for the death of Mapuche Camilla Catrillanca in Ercilla. Mobilization is seeking demilitarization of Araucanía, at the end of the Jungle Commando and the resignation of Interior Minister Andres Chadwick.

Among the organizations that conovocaron demonstrations & # 39 is a feminist Coordinator March 8 Equality Party, Convergencia April 2, class front Chilean Education and University of Chile Student Federation (FECh), among others.

Nevertheless, some isolated incidents forced to make the Carabinieri Special Forces use water cannons to restore traffic. One of the most violent episodes were when municipal truck Providencia ended burned in masks.

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