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Released Borderlands 3 showed rapid


After a long time and a lot of rumors, of Borderlands 3 is already a reality, and to celebrate we have a trailer, both large and broad that while some leave them wanting more in the sense that it was expected something different, for many it is a & # 39; reality was as perfect as expected and more, because after some remixes and a prequel, finally, the next numbered installment of the series and the breeze this generation of consoles.

However, despite all the hype, there is still no release date name because, although it has been officially announced yet know when it will come, even though it may be known in the near future.

Borderlands 3 date show next April 3

This date seems to be the key to unlocking the release date of the new version, coincidentally on April 3 will be when the first Borderlands remastered version released, which will transfer 4K hardware and Xbox One X. According Gamerant portal, this information was published by Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox , responding to a fan on Twitter and confirming that date to know when we could see Borderlands 3 in our consoles.

They also note that many fans They believe that the release date may be hidden in the trailer he showed a few days ago, and will be the date for 2019, in particular, on October 1, but it is only a theory, because we have to wait a few days to see if we finally see the date of this long-awaited title, so also, as promised, we expect that it will be a year to remember how Borderlands saga is back in style.

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