Monday , April 12 2021

Samsung could pay Niantic develop unique features

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We have received many emails and comments asking for hearing: Alleged cooperation between Samsung and Niantic; the first could pay $ 40 million in the second, to develop a unique opportunity for Samsung games (mostly games Harry Potter).

We want our views on this issue, starting with hearing the details:

  • Hearing for the first time & # 39; appeared in The Inquirer, the English website of the leak technology has made successful in the past. Although their success too, the fact that some of them were very media and (possibly) a bit over-dimensioned.

With this in mind, we can consider the details of the "agreement":

  • Samsung will invest 40 million dollars for "exclusive partnership" with the Niantic. GO Pokémon will not be included.
  • Niantic was not ready to conclude an agreement Pokemon the GO (thank you, sir), but it is possible that Harry Potter game (not necessarily Wizards Unite) Samsung can use the stylus as a wand.
  • The figure of 40 million would come after a long and thorough strip-war between the two companies.
  • Ingress, a priori can not be included in the transaction.

We know that the Niantic doing quite well with Pokémon GO and know that Wizards About the & # 39; unite in joint development with Warner Bros. Games. The game will be published portkey Games, but, as stated in the FAQ-developed by Warner Bros and Niantic together. Samsung put into the equation could mean that we could expect a new game Harry Potter Why? Since according to Niantic it would hardly be possible if we also participate in the third company like Warner Bros.

We also know that Samsung violates the mobile gaming market. His latest effort is Fortnite pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is easy to imagine why it would be installed in Niantic, but why not on the Warner Bros?

Finally, we know that John Hanke made with & # 39; appearance on the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 (Conference developers) with Tim pigs, founder and CEO of Epic Games (Fortnite). This, of course, the only connection between Niantic and Samsung knows:

We do not know:

  • Who he said "filter" information. leak source is anonymous. Suspicious right?
  • Why is this person (if any) has given this information, particularly filtrador.
  • Why do something secret. We know that the Niantic is a unique opportunity for the Apple (with Apple, Watch and Pokémon GO) Why keep it a secret?

If the rumors are true (and we believe that they are not from the & # 39 are), they would be only some peripheral functions compatible with some Samsung. You do not give him a lot of wings to the ear, because, well, nothing to indicate that it has something to do with the Pokémon GO.

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