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Samsung explains the reasons for the colors Galaxy S10


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, in the foreground of the screen

When buying a new smartphone, we can not deny that the technical characteristics of a & # 39 is one of the reasons to choose one or the other device. RAM, CPU, the megapixel camera and built-in memory with a & # 39 are the points to be users. But we do not deny, it is also true that many of the people who buy phones do design or because they are really beautiful -And this is something quite respectable.

This is what they have, because people think that Samsung in creating their new phones in the Galaxy S10 and S10 +. Their devices are very powerful, functional, modern technology … but they are evident when you pick up.

According to an interview with & # 39; nd with the project team of the new flagship of the South Korean brand, attract future users with surprising was equal to or more important than to have a better performance, In an interview with & # 39; u also found reasons why they chose the colors Galaxy S10, as we might imagine, there is nothing left to chance, not even screaming yellow Pikachu.

Samsung Galaxy S10 can be unlocked with photos

Colors Samsung Galaxy S10: Millennials target

When choosing which color will be the new phones from Samsung, Samsung design team showed that Millennials were the main culprits of colors selectedHis intention was to create a ton, which can vary depending on the intensity of the light, so it is always in the words of the respondents, with the result that each device with a & # 39 is unique because it refracts light differently produces a wide range of colors .

It was especially difficult to adjust which were the colors that stand out more.

The team talked about the new and vibrant colors, such terminals, and although it was hard to choose, ultimately chose different shades that are attractive to young people -millenials-. One of the best examples of the & # 39 is Yellow Canary -Yellow Pikachu-, which became today to replace the pink color. Of course, these elections are not something that was taken lightly and that There are a lot of market research to ensure that the yellow color with the & # 39 is the color of fashion among young.

An example of this we read in the marketing Puro, yellow is happy because it is a natural evolution of the so-called millennial Pink and he states that the reasons for a pleasant softness sweet tones millennial pinkBut without childhood over-top.

yellow time nostalgic and modernPower transmission and optimism.

Samsung Galaxy S10: product made in detail

Samsung design team interviews & # 39; w

Continuing the interview & # 39; nd with Samsung design team Sengho Jang, one of the members of the group said, the team's possession during the entire process, so that the Galaxy S10 does not have any design problems. For example, designers had to find the front camera so as not to interfere with the screen content.

According to Jang, all decisions big and small at the time of production of the product as the flagship of Samsung is really importantSo always listen to the user to achieve the extraordinary.

In the development of smartphones, innovation is not a & # 39 is a simple taskBut always always, we listen to the user, and we strive to go beyond the design framework for the creation of Galaxy devices that everyone can enjoy

As we have already seen, Samsung Galaxy S10 has not been made in any case. For each of these devices has hundreds of specialists who have studied every detailOf course, these functions, the terminal may not be started in any case, and this is something that Samsung knows, if you want to turn your smartphone into a bestseller.

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