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Samsung has created a vertical TV punish Millennials


In a market that is increasingly marked advantage of mobile devices, home appliances, like TVs must constantly refer to the new and bold strategy to attract users. It is one thing to keep in mind rates as TV screens or the ones that promise to define the quality of hard to imagine, to understand it with the & # 39; reality.

In this case, Samsung has introduced a new addition to his family & # 39; and televisions: «The Gray» Flat 43 "inches can The transition from portrait mode to landscape mode and with which the Korean company seeks to gain Millennials segment.

reasoning Samsung, to create «The Gray» It was quite simple, the company has determined that Millennials are not buying a lot of televisions and prefers to consume content on their smartphones. Thus, in order to motivate the purchase of one of these devices I have decided to add one of the main features of the phone to a TV: portrait mode.

With this, users can not only view content in the traditional way «The Gray» but they will also see videos and images recorded in a vertical format, without losing its characteristics, and ultimately explore the applications with Snapchat and Instagram in this mode.

As noted by The Verge, "he said Gray Samsung is designed to encourage young people to projected their smartphones more content on TV allowing you to move vertically. "

In this regard, the introduction of the vertical mode Gray, the TV can be synchronized and reflect the content of the user's phone using NFC link. While in its horizontal functions in a mode like a normal TV with 60W sound and control of Bixby, among other features.

Gray belongs to the same family as televisions serif and frame QLED, and Samsung did not reveal more details are expected to be Ultra HD 4K resolution and enter the Korean market in late May with a value of 1.9 million won.


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