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Satisfactory sales jokes Store Epic Games


satisfactorygames Coffee Stain Studios, the Creator goat SimulatorWho came as an Early Access as an exclusive store dispute Epic Games StoreHe felt the backlash in the face of what has taken the strategic decision to belong to the creators as an exclusive shop Fortnite.

Since March this year, when he started his early access Twitter account Satisfactory got all the hate shop detractors, however, unlike other games, the cost Fair, he had to meet with a certain irony to all those who were against him, and lately gave rise to the bait, some media believe that even the truth.

recently satisfactoryI made a post on Twitter, which is stored, how bad they are going to launch it in the store Epic Games Store. that they only sold only 9 instances, some users make handling of the game.

This obviously caught the attention of those who, as mentioned earlier, were disturbing Twitter account in this game piracy and other threats, including many media have taken it for granted that the constant complaints, the company and other movements against Epic Games StoreThey have an impact in this indie research.

Finally it was all a joke, that he would play him some people who did not stop to bother Twitter account satisfactoryIn fact, they would not have sold 9 copies, if not 15 …

But if the suras & # 39; ozna, no, we do not believe that they only sold 15 copies, satisfactory which is based on the research and construction of various types of plants, it seems interesting to deploy its mechanical, and quite well built landscapes to be game developed by 30 people, as it was confirmed in the same company.

satisfactory He is in early access but only on a PC platform Epic Games Store.

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