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Sergio Lagos recalled how his wife Nicole won


With the participation of Sergio Lagos, Chiqui Aguayo, Mark Gonzalez and Katyna Hubermann he debuted fifth season Chilevisión «Divine food."

On the day when the driver Channel 13, told the story of how their love story was born, along with his wife Nicole.

"I was singing in the snow, frozen, I took the microphone arm, and the first person who gets me to the stage was Sergio," recalls the singer. For his part, Lagos said that at the time "was a super big for him. Moreover, I liked it, I liked it, I was fascinated, "who recognized that it was love at first sight.

After that, Sergio Lagos continued the interview & # 39; nd singer for his musical work. "Once I heard that Nicole had to go to Buenos Aires, and I call saying:" They gave me two tickets, "but it was a lie," said Lagos, who tried to conquer the singer.

"But nothing has happened (…) I went to a friend's house to look for distribution to drive to work," Nicole said.

In those days, the driver channel 13 will not come things as intended. "I was going to leave the house of his friend, and I went to the hotel alone. "I am a gay friend", so I felt. And on Sunday, I resigned, "This is rotten," he recalls.

Nevertheless, after all it managed to Sergio Lagos, because when they came back on the plane to Chile, she kissed him. And then they got married eventually.

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