Friday , June 25 2021

Sir Navi install condom doses of municipal gymnasium

The activity was an increase in HIV AIDS in Chile, Cerro Navia Municipality opened a new condom dispenser community where only 100 pesos, you can gain access to quality condoms.

This time it was the turn of the municipal gymnasium daily receives more than 500 members of the children, youth and the elderly. The new machine is added to the already established in the Municipality dispensers (1) and secondary schools in the region (4).

Mayor Mauro Tamayo explained that part of the company, which has the shape of "black WhatsApp», because "we would like to draw the attention of our young and well tell you that it is very important to use condoms and care, so we also want it available for all in any public space. "

The company, which began in 2017, provides information for the Haitian Creole language and developed training lecture, supported by experts from the University of Chile in the public and private schools in the area. Conducting rapid test has been applied in municipal schools and neighborhood associations, as well as all Cesfam free and maximum wait of 15 minutes to know the results.

To date, 181 young people from a rapid test that gives positive results.

"We invite all the communities that they can replicate, since the absence of the state of sex education and contraception has us in a brutal increase in HIV / AIDS, that & # 39 is unacceptable. It is possible that some of them moral burden to pay hundreds of thousands of people, "said the mayor Mauro Tamayo.

This initiative aims at promoting the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV and other diseases, and & # 39 is the subject of discussion in the seven & # 39; pits, especially when faced with a disease that is growing every day, it would seem, does not stop at country.

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