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Sony eliminates Driveclub PlayStation Store


DriveclubWas a racing game exclusively for PlayStation 4That was developed Evolution Studios and launched October 7, 2014, the game promises to be a driving game and most realistic racing with stunning graphics and tracks at the time were on the end, this game was more versions as Driveclub bike (27 October 2015), and then VR Driveclub, The Sony has just announced that the game will soon be removed from your digital store PlayStation StoreIn connection with the early closure of their servers.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, Recently announced that Driveclub, Driveclub VR and Driveclub Bicycles, Will cease to exist in its online store PlayStation Store, Next August 31, 2019.

According to the report made by SonyElimination game Evolution Studios, This is due to the closure of servers it will not happen 31 March 2020 thus no longer represent our club activities or excursions, create events, racing or scoreboards Stats shares, etc.

However, as the Japanese company More autonomous functions DriveclubAs well as trophies and additional content for your season pass (not online) will remain active for those who owns that title and continue to play, more than likely not be due to the March 31, 2020.

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