Sunday , February 28 2021

STEP BY STEP: how to prevent FILES WhatsApp CONSUME memory of your ANDROID

One of the problems caused by WhatsApp Or & # 39 is an infinity of files, especially images, the application is automatically saved on the device of our message, which is usually, ending the use of a large part of its internal memory.

Now there is a way to make the pictures that you get in WhatsApp does not take place, and the main ally in this operation, Google Photos.

With this method, each time we get a file, it is automatically stored in Google's cloud. A good time, from time to time, Google Input images and select "clean" to remove the files from the local memory Whatsapp.

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To adjust the device, follow these steps::

  • Log in to Google Photos and navigate to the "Settings"
  • Enter in the "Backup" and activate
  • Select "Folder Backup Device"
  • Animated GIF-active WhatsApp, WhatsApp images, videos and WhatsApp WhatsApp Documents

Thus, your media files are always available in the Google Photos and memory without taking your phone.

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