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Super Dragon Ball criticism: Broly

Here we leave the criticism Super Dragon Ball: BrolyAnd the most anticipated films of the saga of recent times.

Because he has already released in Japan, and we have a friend who had seen the movie, and now we bring the criticism Super Dragon Ball: Broly. We try not to make a lot of spoilers and only talk about their feelings, the proposed band. Story centers after the events Power of tournamentThe universe is experiencing a period of peace, but Goku you are not happy with this. So, knowing that there are other worlds with such influential people as JirenDecides to remain trained. Frieza never abandoned his ideas of dominating the universe has a plan to defeat the most powerful Saiyan. So it takes the earth BrolyWhose power is so great that only a & # 39; unity Goku and Vegeta This could be a contender.

here's the trailer Super Dragon Ball: Broly so you have time to enjoy:

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Super Dragon Ball criticism: Broly

The film is a treat for the fans, because your picture is so impressive that fights keep you stuck in a chair throughout the film time. Of course, a joy to those who grew up with the saga of Akira Toriyama. I would say that those who are sensitive may be frivolous. All in favor of the spectacular nature of the fighting. The only bad thing I could see that the secondary characters are not a lot of time on the screen. This means that they look Goku and VegetaThe best and most popular. Do not expect interesting discoveries. Simply breathtaking battle. But at least that was what he wanted to enter the room.

And if someone asks such transformations. The answer is clear and strong-willed. They & # 39 are a real chaos. Each more spectacular than the last. What makes the film much better than others, such as resurrection F (2015) or battle of the Gods (2013).

In short, I give Super Dragon Ball: Broly July 1 / 10. But I can assure you that I did not aim, because I love the character and the series as a whole. Especially the two main characters, which are the most obvious being displayed.

Super Dragon Ball criticism: Broly

The film is already out in the Japanin United States It will be released January 16, 2019, in Latin America on January 24, 2019, while in Spain We have to wait until February 1, 2019.

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