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Super Dragon Ball | Majin Buu must end immediately Moro on the manga Toyotaro for this reason | anime


There is a significant imbalance of power in the sleeve Super Dragon Ball , Work Toyotaro under the guidance of Toriyama Akira. Majin Buu Moro showed and it was funny to deal with the power to be pink. But there is one detail that must be addressed: moor This is significantly lower than the Majin BuuSo that something will be done to change this situation.

Let us remember. Moro is the new villain of the saga " Prisoners Galactic Patrol"The sleeve Super Dragon BallHis main skill with & # 39 is to absorb the energy of entire planets, what he did for a long time. But all came to an end when large Kaioshin She's in front of him and took away his strength.

Now the villain Super Dragon Ball It is free and is looking for the Dragonballs, to ask shen Long planet new Namek to restore their energy, as in the past, when it was at its peak in the fight against large Kaioshin.

large KaioshinMeanwhile, he was defeated and absorbed Majin Buu millions of years ago. We know that it is only in the new episodes of the manga Super Dragon Ballif Majin Buu and moor with & # 39 are the villain of the saga recognizes large Kaioshin in the body Majin Buu and that when the fight starts.

The issue falls alone: Majin Buu with large Kaioshin it should not eliminate the Moro for a few minutes, as the latter has all its power from the past? new villain Super Dragon Ball They do not even have a chance against large Kaioshin it can stop the most powerful version of the Moro, why eliminate difficulty walking now weakened and searching for their power?

Moro has to have something prepared in the last minute. We will have to wait for the new episode Super Dragon BallBecause, as things go, Majin Buu It has all to win moor.

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