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Super Dragon Ball | Majin her magical nature hackea Moro on the manga | DBS | Mexico | anime


Moro is experiencing difficult times. Goku and Vegeta fell to the new villain of the manga, but things were complicated by the arrest Merus I can not believe how a stun gun can stop the Moro, and if we add the ability to fight Majin Buu, the going gets tough, even knowing that is impervious to dark magic.

mango Super Dragon Ball shows that the power Majin Buu It does not depend on magic Moro, the new villain of the saga "Prisoners Galactic Patrol"It is characterized by the absorption of energy. The big question, falls by itself: it is a condition related to?

origin Majin Buu This is a & # 39 is uncertain. Super Dragon Ball It does not explain its origin. The oldest thing about this character of his fighting large Kaioshin million years ago, an event which happened before the sorcerer Babidi crashing into it Dragon Ball Z.

A simple explanation of the nature of power Majin Buu in Super Dragon BallIn the fight moor against Goku and vegetativeWe see both sayajins lose their energy, while Moro is getting stronger. Moro magic, so it can be concluded in the veins, it affects all living beings on the planet new NamekAll living organisms.

nature Majin BuuInstead, it will have the same characteristics as the living organisms of animal beings. Majin Buu It will be a kind of mass-life without the need to consume energy or organisms that depend on the Moro magic.

What do you think? What can the Majin Buu has a great chance before the new Dragon Ball super villain?

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