Thursday , February 25 2021

¿Surprising? Rachel Argandoña reaction after apology Luis Gnecco

Between the round Louis Gnecco VS. Raquel Argandola and Patty goes on to say. In recent days, the actor surprised the world after it apologized for the story "old CUL …», the television discussion participants who, in turn, said it all.

In fact, the man who called the program that they result in radio Agricultura, "No limit"Where he flexed his bow and made Theo guilt.

"I want to call. I promised to do. It was a mistake from the beginning to the end, it was a free comment, because it does not correspond to offend you think differently, or anyone else. I passed my arm hurt and was impolite not to the point, "he admitted.

And Monday was Raquel own Argandoña, which was considered in the "Welcome", which is far from what some might think, appreciated the gesture of the former "single again".

"Children do not have a problem asking for forgiveness, but adults. I found it to be a very sincere "He threw in the «Quintrala» channel 13 in the morning.

In addition, he talked about the reaction that took his son nano CalderonWho went in search of the house, he heard the mistreatment he received his mother.

"If someone as your mother would agree that sticking coscachos. Because it tells us that, and then returns to tell us again offend. And he was hurt women our age. My child has a reaction and got on a social network. This is not what coscachos grip, but I feel good, to protect his mother, "has shown that he is.


Moreover, Racha gave his theory of repentance Luis Gnecco.

"He spent a week examination each day were in the program. I think that the environment made him think. He meditate. I thank you. Apology accepted. The only bad thing that we released in Iquique café-concert with Patricia Maldonado- and had a four-leaf with Luis Gnecco. Now we have to change, because it does not matter, "he took it with humor.

Finally, Raquel Argandon said that Gnecco and apologized privately, but they should be at the moment the public.

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