Wednesday , January 27 2021

technological advances that will change medicine

Technological advances affect the daily lives of all people in all areas, and the health world will not escape this reality

Technological progress affects all aspects daily life, including health care.

According to an article published by El Universal, here are some of the ways like advanced with technologies Information and communication help people be healthier.

Remote control of vital signs

As a consequence of the emergence and use Smart watch, you can more easily and continuously measure vital signs such as blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and even sleep quality. This type of monitoring allows for more detection and prevention health risks and some pathologies. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to constant monitoring, there are some devices and programs that are connected to the Internet and are automatically sent to the GP.

Many programs track vital signs

Many programs track vital signs

Video calls

Meanwhile, video calls are expanding access to medical care. Experts in information systems and digital health from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) involved in physical and mental telerehabilitation have come a long way. One case cited in the article shows that the Andalusian School of Public Health has been developing 3D models with holograms for some time, and there are mobile apps with animations that helpremote rehabilitation.

Changing habits

Perhaps one of the biggest health problems is healthy habits for disease prevention. To those who already have them, it does not seem so difficult, but to change the habit of a person who has already established, it is difficult.

That is why they are now uniting psychological techniques, economic incentives, data science, artificial intelligence analysis and technological monitoring devices to encourage people to have healthier habits. Some examples are companies such as Omada, AbleTo or some European insurers who apply discounts the insurance policy registers healthy behavior, which is checked by control devices.

Healthy habits are the most important thing to take care of your health

Healthy habits are the most important thing to take care of your health

Doctors will also benefit from innovation

It is not just patients who benefit from progress digital health. Medical science now has new sources and types of information that contribute to a better understanding of the factors that affect health. Thus, thanks to more technological tools it is possible to take advantage of and process this new information.

In any case, you need to understand that not everything is technology. It is important to note that overuse of technology in itself can cause harm and prevent any detection. pathologyas far as health is concerned. It is important to visit health professionals regularly and try to follow the recommendations of specialists.

Remember that one of the most effective ways treatment it is the early detection of disease in addition to prevention. This is very important in order to start therapy and attack as soon as possible disease as efficiently as possible.

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