Friday , June 25 2021

The «Blood Pact» Benjamin he neglected a detail that may incriminate him with Karina | TV and Entertainment

Loyal Night 13 will be more and more becomes greater in the plot, and, as shown in the social networks, as they begin their theories, chapter by chapter.

Question on Thursday from high-impact was on several reasons. The first confirmation of the death of Karina (Antonia Giesen), which was found Domingo (Antonia Village), who came into the house, where erotic shows transmitted from Daniela (Antonioa Bosman).

Then viewers have seen that it would be the beginning of the second part of this soap opera, now with a new introductory video in which images of what will be situations that will occur in the future chapter.

Among these pictures there are a lot of tears and frustration, burial, and violence. We finished what we have seen, as Benjamin (Alvaro Espinoza) began to shed the responsibilities that lie to the owner of "Aquarium", saying that he had never been Karina, to meet with him and clear a piece.

capture channel 13

capture channel 13

Then he went to the church to ask for forgiveness and pray for the sin committed. Trinidad will then look for a bar ELVIA (Patricia Guzmán). Then in the house, «Benja» apologized tearfully.

After chapter provides promotion, in which rabies i despair Ignacio (Rodrigo Walker) shown on hearing of the death of his beloved Kareena was. In the next scene is going to Benjamin front of the mirror and the image can be seen:

Capture channel 13

Capture channel 13

That was enough for the tweeter are beginning to produce their theories, because with this bite is likely that the "master plan" Alvaro Espinosa character starts to wander. Here the reaction:

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