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The Government states that all "smart meters" charged concept will be returned to customers | economy


The Government reiterated that the change of meter will be voluntary, and said that all charged concept "Smart meters" It will be returned to customers.

Recently, a few weeks ago, the deputy of energy in those days, the Deputy Minister of the wallet, Ricardo IrarrázabalIt confirms that all customers paid portion of changes in meter: "There is actually 15% of the meters, which are included in the current course of the previous government."

However, Monday was the Minister of Energy, Sousa Jimenez Schuster, who in a statement to La Moneda, said: "We want to strengthen voluntarism per meter changes, so that the seven & # 39; and may decide to welcome smart meters and all applicable concept of smart meters will be returned to the house that have this charge from September 2018".

In the same vein, the Minister reiterated the government's position on the changes announced voluntary meters some time ago, so that "Each of the seven & # 39; ads in Chile is free to decide whether to welcome smart meters".

In addition, the Secretary of State said that "the only new meters will be installed for customers who themselves ask for a clear and conscious", stressing that there are companies that need to "convince customers" they agree to change the meter,

"Those who want to preserve their traditional meter will not pay the cost of the new … and the situation will continue in the same way as it did before the entry into the new rates by meters," said Jimenez.

While his speech did not specify the authority figures, or he did not recognize the questions of the press, when Deputy Secretary Irarrázabal acknowledged collection, he exaggerated, claiming that it was $ 10 pesos per month in the case of $ 10 mil with.

CGE value of & # 39; shew

Following a statement by the Minister, HEC made a public statement, assuring the value of "the initiative to stop and return the payment already made for this item."

electricity supplier said that increased the importance of the sensors change should be the "beginning" made with "Common belief of its citizens' preferences."

Finally, the company said it is available and try to "clear up doubts and caution," arises from its customers after the process.

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