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The test detected 70% of colorectal cancer. Deia, Bizkaia News


Albert G. Alonso – Sundays, 31 March 2019 – Updated at 06: 01h

Bilbao– This is one of those cancers whose mortality rate can be reduced to a minimum and only with prior testing. If the test comes back home sent Osakidetza may seem a little strange, but follow the instructions that can save many lives. So according to the information provided by the Basque Health Service yesterday according to which have been detected and treated a total of 30.634 precancerous lesions (advanced adenomas) and malignant (invasive cancer) by implantation decade screening program does colorectal cancer. Corresponding fact that 70% of them were diagnosed in (I-II) initial stage where before only program that percentage remained at 40%.

This preventive work suggests that the 5-year survival rate of people, it was found for colorectal cancer using the program is 90%, compared with 60% of those who did not participate.

The data were disclosed yesterday the Basque Government on the occasion of this World Day against colon cancer.

In recent years, the program had a significant boost, which allowed us to reach the first, second and third invitation to 100% of people aged between 50 and 69 years, which is aimed, representing the level of coverage "very advanced," the sources said the Department of Health. The third round was completed earlier this month.

recognition The Basque Country has one of the "best prevention programs in the field of population for colorectal cancer, links to national and international level of high coverage to him, participation, effectiveness and quality, and to emphasize once again the recent EuropaColon report, including Euskadi program, the Netherlands and Slovenia as examples of good practice ", specify the same health sources.

Minister of Health, Nekane Murga, attributed this achievement to the "continuation" of the effort and provide the resources and investments, liabilities and obligations and professional Osakidetza, as well as "a great involvement of citizens."

According to the minister, sending a kit for people at home, the involvement of primary care, screening the quality of colonoscopy and centralized monitoring & # 39 is the basis of this program and the "key" to explain its benefits in terms of quality processes, outcomes and impact on the overall health of the Basque population.

The new head of health in any case emphasizes the importance of further expansion of popular participation in the programs from stipulating a man, whose participation rate is lower than that of women (70% vs. 72, 3%), though they are more likely to present premalignant and malignant lesions.

Minister of Health of the Basque Government reiterated "firm" commitment to the heads of departments to maintain and improve the program for the early detection of colorectal cancer and all currently Osakidetza guaranteeing access "equal, comprehensive care and quality."

population screening program is aimed at a specific group of people more likely to develop this form of cancer. In particular with the & # 39 are 591.744 people aged 50-69 years, of whom 51.4% are women. This represents 27.2% of the population of the Basque Country, according to Eustat data population.


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