Wednesday , December 2 2020

There is already a treaty: Mario Salas receives offer Colo Colo and oficialización inevitable | football

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Mario Salas This is closer than ever Colo Colo. Once crowned champion of Peruvian soccer Sporting Cristal, "Commander" will arm bags to achieve Macul.

It turns out that there is already agreement between the coach and the management of a "popular" for the contract for two years.

In addition, Colo Colo will pay, not far from the exit point of the DT-x 200 thousand dollars, and the coaching staff will receive an annual sum 850 thousand dollars.

This agreement must be made on Thursday at the board meeting.

On the other hand, if you Julio Barroso not still in Cola-Cola, one embodiment of the defender, who plays for Crystal, Omar Merlo, reaches cacique.

Thus, Mario Salas will be the new coach of Colo Colo. Something extraordinary must happen for the national Macul not reach.

Note that the box works Mario Salas Peruvian champion football crowned after winning the final 3-0 Alianza Lima. In the previous match they won 4-1 Alliance.

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