Monday , November 30 2020

This is what happens when you type "idiot" in Google | technology

Google CEO, Sundar pingchang countyHe was called to testify before the US Congress in order to clarify possible political bias in the search.

In some cases, the computer must respond to various topics, among which was the one that attracted a lot of attention.

As reflected in the ABC newspaper in Spain, is a question which asks the Democratic congressman Zoe LofgrenWho she consulted him, "If you Google it word idiot photo picture with & # 39 is Donald Trump. Why is this happening? ".

Spacious response pingchang county denies that Google has been in favor of the most progressive political movements, despite the fact that some lawmakers said.

Without going further, he Trump said last August that Google results with the & # 39 are "manipulated" because "the Trump News" search often offer negative stories about him.

capture | Google
capture | Google

"Every time a user enters a keyword, the Google came out, we will track and store copies of thousands of millions of web pages in the index", Pingchang county began pointing to the charges against him before the Judicial Committee of the United States House of Representatives.

"We take the key term, and compared with their pages and classified on the basis of more than 200 and signal parameters, such as urgency, freshness, popularity or others use it. On this basis, and given the time, we try to understand and find the best results for this query "He added.

Lofgren, who was not fully satisfied with the response, said in an ironic tone: "So it is not a person sitting behind the curtain to find out that we are going to show the user, but it is an attempt to compile and to order what information generated by users? ".

It was at this point pingchang county said that Google not intervene manually in any given search result.

In other words, what happens to the seeker, that many people who share the Trump image by linking them with the term "Idiot" which makes the search engine algorithm as an appropriate concept.

Note that the image of Donald Trump with a & # 39 is in the results, or you are looking for "idiot" and "moron."

According to a survey conducted Pew Research Center in June, 43% of Americans believe that the company's main technical support of the views of liberals conservatives.

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