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This woman does not feel pain, fear or anxiety due to a genetic mutation


British womanJoe Cameron 66, It does not feel pain because of a new genetic mutation and not feel anxiety or fear situations, according to the publication "British Journal of Anesthesia."

She realized that at age 65, doctors have seen that he does not need pain medicine to not feel pain after undergoing delicate surgery in one hand and experts warned that he will suffer intense discomfort.

Anesthesiologist women, Devjit Shrivastava, call its specialists in the field of genetics at University College London (UCL) and the University of Oxford English, and after a series of tests, They found a genetic mutation that prevented Cameron pain.

These experts found Notably, mutations in the endogenous, that is not the full functionality of the normal gene.

Researchers called it FAAH-OUT, but they found that Cameron had a mutation in another nearby gene that controls the enzyme FAAH, According to the publication.

FAAH gene well known to doctors who examined the pain, because it is of vital importance in the sensory processing of pain, memory and mood of people.

Cameron during his lifetime did not feel pain when, for example, suffered burns, and only knew that it hurt when the smell of burning flesh, but also noted that the wounds healed quickly.

He also said that he never feared even in dangerous situations such as the recent traffic accident. He also felt pain when she gave birth.

Dr. James Cox UCL and one of the authors of the article, the researchers noted that women had "a particular genotype", which reduces the activity of a gene and hope to make more progress on new methods of treatment of "pain, Cox said.

Experts also pointed out that there may be more people with the same genetic mutation and They asked not to feel pain, which can inform the investigation.

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