Thursday , May 13 2021

Two La Red employees test positive for irritation: seven colleagues await PCR results | TV and shows

An alarming number of covid-19 infections has been registered in our country recently.

The canals did not stay away from the aftermath of this pandemic Grid another victim of the virus.

As he was able to confirm BioBioChile, two employees of the TV station gave a positive test on coronavirus covid infectiondespite all the security measures that have been taken at the facilities.

In this regard, the seven officers who contacted the victims had to conduct an appropriate PCR.

Channel sources have shown that in addition to measures taken in connection with the coronavirus, such as the adoption of temperature and application alcohol gel The sanitation of the districts, through which two positive cases took place, was strengthened in different districts.

It should be noted that last Friday experts classified as “Catastrophic” Covid figures in Chile, so they predict a dark worldview.

“The situation in the coming days, in the next few weeks will mostly increase. We are starting the curve phase, when the deceased will rise in a very important way, ”said the computer engineer, doctor of education and data visualization specialist. Ernest Laval.

For his part, therapist from the University of Chile and Master of Public Health Juan Carlos Said added: “The steady increase in the number of cases tells us that at least the number of hospitalizations will increase for another 2-3 weeks and it is really worrying. because the country is undoubtedly in a very extreme situation and when associated with Easter trips, the number of cases increases, we are talking about the fact that the health care system may be overloaded, and a situation may be reached where it is impossible to visit patients who need it ”.

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