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Uber includes a feature for those who want to leave the "advice" the driver | technology


Monday Uber before adding a new feature in chili so that users can recognize the service provided through additional drivers partners.

This mode is not of & # 39 is required for users who want to emphasize the good treatment of the driver while traveling partner.

Thus, those who want to recognize a pleasant conversation, offering water, cell phone charger and safely reach their destination, they can make it through "Board".

Through a statement, Veronica Jadue, communications manager Uber Chile, explained that this new option "for users who want to recognize those details that make the difference in every trip."

How to provide additional driver for a partner?

Ability to deliver Excess automatically & # 39 is at the end of each trip to the platform in such a way. But even the most forgetful can use this feature, the user will have up to 30 days to ensure it is recognized partner of the driver.

In assessing the trip, the app will display three default options and the ability to set different amountsSo that the user can choose the option that works best for you.


After pressing the button "Finish", all those extra goes directly to the partner of the driver and Uber did not get any money for it.

Another important aspect to mention that drivers can not identify the partners, if the user has given an additional amount before I'm right, so it will not affect their assessment of the application.

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