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various uses of these servers, in addition to storing files



written Ruben Velasco

NAS servers They have become one of the most common home servers can be found. These servers are often used as a centralized storage system that can store all types of files on the hard disk, so that other users and connected to the local network device to access them, and have them always available from anywhere in the world via the Internet. However, the functions that we provide NAS server more than just a centralized storage system.

When you connect to the NAS for the first time, the first thing we usually do is install the appropriate firmware (something that we do with the computer), and then install RAID type that is best suited for our needs.

Once we have established the NAS and RAID hard drives, we can start using our server, and any device connected to the local network can connect to it.

Any NAS server, even the lower end we can find, there are more or less powerful equipment to move the entire operating system (eg, QTS, in case QNAP, or DiskStation, Synology), we provide a variety of services and features to get the most out of this type of servers.

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Other uses we can give to the NAS, in addition to our files

One of the main objectives we can give to the NAS server & # 39 is, for example, load server that allows you to download files from the Internet and P2P networks to save them directly to the hard drive.

If the server already has some power, another very common and very interesting use convert NAS media serverWe can keep it all kinds of series and movies, so we can see them in streaming via DLNA or SmartTV server as PLEX, thus having all our centralized multimedia content in one place. Depending on the model (for example, QNAP) also has an HDMI port, which will allow us to connect directly to a TV or monitor and use it as a media center, or as a complete Linux computer.

As a general rule, also have a NAS Very basic network services we can use services such as DDNS client to use this Web server to mount their own self-hosted page, database server, etc. In addition, we also have some app stores from which you can download, install and use the new features to enhance the usefulness of our server. When we were paranoid about backing up our NAS it can also be used as a full backup manager.

If we have a QNAP NAS high-end hardware, is another interesting application, we can make out of it is to use it as a virtualization center, QTS allows you to virtualize any operating system as Windows, and Linux, so we can use any of these operating systems on the local network without having to virtualize powerful hardware in our computer.

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