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We test a range of Suzuki 4×4 off-road


We are accustomed to associate the idea of ​​a 4 × 4 off-road with huge and expensive, but the truth is that this is not always the case, and in this test AllGrip Suzuki range we find that there are many interpretations of the 4 × 4Obviously, that is a 4 × 4 applies to all, but today we are testing different ways of understanding the 4 × 4, to discover that or to ensure the safety, performance and satisfaction can take home the 4 × 4 better idea of ​​what it looks like.

For security and satisfaction, even as the vehicle with traction 4 × 4 may be an interesting option

Suzuki Jimny (AllGrip Pro): net and off-road

Suzuki Jimny is already an old acquaintance in Diariomotor and again turn it surprising ease, to get out of any situation. However difficult, it may be efficient drive system 4 × 4 with the Jimny can face all kinds of scenarios with full guarantee of success. Suzuki Jimny recipe is very simple, Therefore its price is adjusted using simple but reliable power unit with 1.5 aspirated engine 102 hp with a manual 5 very short relationship.

But the magic in connection with 4 wheels. Jimny uses a common drive system, which allows engagement circular one axis, two axes or both axes and replacement. Many lockable differentials, not even a center differentialLeaving traction control and hill descent control all the weight to overcome the most difficult setbacks. If you are looking for elegance and technology they offer a Land Rover Discovery or Toyota Land Cruiser, forget Jimny, but so little Suzuki achieves the same goal for a lot less money and a lot more fun.

Jimny is moving through mud, sand or stones without any iota of suffering. His power is just the movement of the body of the accused, but Jimny with & # 39 is particularly effective. Suzuki cooked us a jeep track with all kinds of "games" to be taken to limit the scope of this SUV and conclusions quickly and very accurately. Since the reducing gas and oriented control vehicle without hesitation because whenever and whereinWith absolute power. We're talking about a 4 × 4, pure and simple.

Suzuki Vitara (AllGrip Select): More than an SUV

If the asphalt breaks off and less diligent especially if we want a truly versatile vehicle, all-wheel drive system disconnect obviously perfect drive system on all wheelsWe are talking about a very common configuration in the market, a typical crossover, and four-wheel drive. Since the use of a low adhesion is sporadic, the system gives priority at any time send a torque to the front wheels to avoid falling consumption includes four wheels are constantly connected.

This system has 4 operating programs: Auto, Sport, Snow and LockWhile the regime "Auto" mode by default, when the system decides how to proceed, depending on available traction, the system "Sport" offers us a complementary item to weaken control and give more inspiration to the rear axle. For its part, "snow" mode is ideal for slippery surfaces such as ice, snow, mud or wet grass of the program, providing a smooth, precise control and flow control to prevent excessive wheel spin. "Lock" mode is a program that is locked center differential to distribute torque 50/50 between trains in a manner intended to be broken or dirt roads.

The goal to offer Suzuki 4 × 4 for each type of customer. Same concept, but a very different applications

Available Vitara Suzuki or Suzuki S-Cross, we have tested this system on dirt roads and in different traffic profiles. In order to emphasize the good balance between comfort and stability Vitara, but especially good combination of 1,0 Boosterjet engine 111 hp with the manual transmission and all-wheel driveWe're talking about a compact SUV SUV without great aspirations, that's what Jimny, however, fair to say that the system works correctly and quickly at any timeEven without showing more doubts when we step on the accelerator or dirt in a large amount. also It should be stressed, "Sport" mode, the program, which adds an additional item of cool for from the & # 39; to move down the asphalt with the back of the protagonist and more active participation of the driver.

Suzuki Ignis (AllGrip Auto): urban and todocamino

Also available in the Suzuki Swift, This system 4 × -prosche available in the range, but with the particularity offers mode «Grip Control» only available in the Suzuki Ignis which is a & # 39 is what we experienced at this time. Yes, we are talking about a rather bizarre car, just 3.7 meters and a clear urban approach, but then lies the magic of this car because in version 4 × 4 gives us an interesting way to approach the SUV.

in fact AllGrip Auto system & # 39 is a front wheel drive when it detects the loss of the previous train connects the rear wheels to gain power. There's no human intervention as possible for the good and bad of all residues with electronic Geston. This is how the Suzuki Ignis, and why it's fun slippery terrain, the road or water, snow or ice option. But in the case of Suzuki Ignis, this system also added AllGrip «Grip Control» function makes the work more electronics to better manage the provision of torque.

The result is a car that thanks to only 905 kg, 18 cm ground clearance and 90 hp power is well distributed, with scenarios can go where many other SUVs and crossovers will see them and want themThis system has its obvious limitations, if we believe that a true SUV: the size, power, suspension, etc., but on a slippery surface with & # 39 is one of the few rarities on the market, as the Fiat Panda 4 × 4, that show you do not need a huge and expensive off-road to get to the place that seems inaccessible to ordinary tourists.

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