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Women with polycystic ovary syndrome may develop diabetes – Current life – the last of Uruguay and the world updated


During a visit to the second summit of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which develops in Merida (Mexico) to the southwest, he explained that the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas and helps regulate blood glucose levels.

However, it in detail, in patients with this condition for the corresponding process is not achieved.

"Insulin resistance causes this hormone does not work properly in their cells, which increases the level of glucose. It makes more insulin, known as hyperinsulinemia affecting polycystic ovaries and a & # 39 is a factor in diabetes, "he said.

Polycystic ovary syndrome & # 39 is a condition that occurs in women of reproductive age with symptoms such as irregular periods, excess male hormone known as an androgen which produces acne and hair on the exit face.

As a woman knows that she has this condition should be referred to an endocrinologist to undergo studies to identify possible insulin resistance.

If this happens, the doctor should give preventive medication based treatment known as metformin, which helps control glucose in addition to diet and exercise, stressed Campuzano.

He is also Academic Medical School Dr. Ignacio Chavez from the University Michoacana-de San Nicolas de Hidalgo, he said that it is typical for people who suffer from this syndrome are at the pre-diabetes stage.

This means that blood glucose levels between 100 to 125 milligrams, which is often downplayed or collapsed the majority of patients, although it is not alert to the full development of the disease.

This condition also occurs in women who have given birth to a son more than four kilograms of weight, or people who have relatives with diabetes in patients with obesity, hypertension, or triglycerides (high blood fat), all of the factors that give rise to metabolic syndrome.

Campuzano called Sun minimize or deny this condition because it can help a person does not receive the development of diabetes and complications from other diseases that entail.

"There is no doubt that when you're talking about pre-diabetes are walking up to simple carbohydrates, such as bread, sweets, chocolate and fried foods all the bag and get exercise," he advised.

He also noted that if someone is obese should lose weight by 7%, and it will be very good, because "the risk of developing diabetes is significantly reduced."

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