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After the 76th Golden Globe Awards announced Sandra Oh won the Drama of view – Shangbao Indonesia

2019 Nian 01 Yue 07 Ri 21:21 PM


About Sandra (Sandra Oh) is not only a partner Samberg (Samberg) hosted the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony together, and won back kind of drama Golden Globe.

Local time the evening of January 6, under the auspices of the Association of the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents (HFPA) seventy-sixth Golden Globe, in
Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills Los Angeles, California took place. movie stars gathered various awards announced one by one,
About Sandra (Sandra Oh) has become the first Asian actor drama category after the Golden Globe as won.
It lasted three o'clock ceremony, Korean-Canadian actress Sandra Oh (Sandra Oh) and 安迪萨姆伯
Network (Samberg) together presided.
Sandra Oh was chaired by charity "bloodthirsty angels» (Killing Eve) received the Golden Globe for best drama taking care of the household
In the film, the most nominated Adam McKay sent to former US Vice President Dick Cheney biographical "vice president"
Earlier in the award «Comedy / Musical» got six nominations, ultimately, the only Christian Bale (Christian
Bale), to get the best comedy actor. Glenn Close (Glenn Close) on "The Good Wife" (Wife)
She received a Best Actress in a Drama Series.
Patricia Clarkson (Patricia Clarkson), to "weapons" (Sharp Objects) won videophone
Shadow Preferred actress. Olivier Germain is a subfamily (Olivia Colman), a "Favorite" (favorite)
He won the category of musical / comedy best actress.
Regis and Jeff Bridges (Jeff Bridges), to receive a lifetime achievement award film category, corresponding to this, the history of the Golden Globes
The first category of TV prize was awarded for long service under the name "Carol Burnett Award" award Carlo
Balboa Nat 70-year contribution to the television.
Golden Globe (Golden Globe Awards) with the & # 39 is an American film and television awards, up to a formal dinner
Held, the organizers of the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association. The award was established in 1944, is held once a year, all the awards
The product is made of 96 reporters to vote.

Full list of winners:
Movie category:
Best Film – Drama: "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Bohemian Rhapsody)
Music / Comedy Best Picture: "The Green Book" (Green Paper)
Best Actor in a Drama Series: Rami Malek (Rami Said Malek) "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Bohemian
Best Actress in a Drama Series: Glenn Close (Glenn Close) / "The Good Wife" (Wife)
Musical / Comedy Film Best Actor: Christian Bale (Christian Bale) / "Vice-President" (alternate)
Musical / comedy category best actress Olivia Colman subfamily (Olivia Colman) / "Favorite" (favorite)
Best Director: Alfonso Suo Kalong (Alfonso Cuarn) / "Rome" (Roma)
Best Supporting Actor: Salad Ali Maher (Mahershala Ali) / "Green Book"
Best Supporting Actress: Regina Kim (Regina King) / "If Beale Street can speak" (If Beale Street
Could talk)
Best Animated Film: Spider-Man / "Spider-Man: parallel universe" (Spider-Man: in the Spider-Verse)
Best foreign language film: "Rome" (Roma) / (Mexico)
Best-case scenario: the "Green Book" (Green Paper)
Best Music: Justin Hurwitz (Justin Hurwitz) / "first man landing on the Moon" (first person)
Best Song: "Shallow" / "Star born" (A Star Is Born)
Movie Award category of Lifetime Achievement: Jeff Bridges Guise (Jeff Bridges)
TV Category:
Music / Comedy Best Drama: Theory Keming Chomsky (The Kominsky method)
Outstanding Drama Series: "The Americans" (The Americans)
Music / Comedy Best Actor Michael Douglas (Michael Douglas) / «Theory Keming Chomsky"
Musical / comedy category best actress: Rachel Broken Xing Han (Rachel Brosnahan) «Big Messersmith
Wolf People "(The Marvelous Mrs Meisel)
Best Actor in a Drama Series: Richard Madden (Richard Madden) / "Bodyguard" (The Bodyguard)
Best Actress in a Drama Series: Sandra Oh (Sandra Oh) / «bloodthirsty Angels" (Killing Eve)
Comedy / Drama / TV movie Best Actor: Wei Xiao "British scandal" (Very English Scandal)
Drama / Comedy / TV movie Best actress: Patricia Clarkson (Patricia Clarkson) /
"Weapons" (Sharp Objects)
Miniseries / TV movie "American History crimes: murder Versace" (An American Crime:
Miniseries / TV movie Best Actor: Darren Criss (Darren Criss) / «American Crime Story: thorn
Kill Versace "
Miniseries / TV movie Best Actress: 帕特丽夏阿 Quantum "Dannemora Jailbreak» (Escape in
TV category Lifetime Achievement Award: Carol Bernard Special (Carol Burnett)

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