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China women's trust Golf Classic Pars Liu won the first in the car & # 39; EASURES crown – Washington


China has confidence Women's Golf Classic Pars, according to the Chinese player Lem in favor of the three won the first in the car & # 39; EASURES crown. Major sports photos

Beijing, the electric 18-year-old girl Liu virtues May 31 Guangzhou Shaanxi three consecutive 69, he won his first car in the & # 39; EASURES crown at the end of the 30th China TRUST Women's Golf Classic.

Al, in a final round in Guangzhou Dragon Lake Golf Club caught four birdies and only lost one, three arms 207, nine fallow, three ahead to win the championship.

The current champion of the Chinese Taipei player Chen Yuru shot 65 after the first day was at the forefront of the leaders, she caught a six-foot birdie on the 54th hole in the final round of 72, with South Korea La Xiyuan (71) up to 210 pairs of six tied for second place.

Beijing DN players ink contained in the last four holes swallow two carriages, shot 72, and Chinese Taipei Peng Jie (71) put on a fourth number of 211, five under par.

Firstly, according to Liu 29 o'clock kick-off the first group of players, she ended in poor weather & # 39; e in the second round of the 30 rescheduling will not be returned, the finish may be waiting in the square. The beginning of the final round, she Chen Yuru bound to lead that 30 am was driving three final hole bogey in the second round of rescheduling.

The final round, l as the front nine to take the lead, it cave № 4, № № 6 and 8 openings refine iron openings caught three "dead birds." Although it fifth hole for another in a hopper to swallow a bogey, but has no effect on the back nine she entered the competition for leadership in two shots.

She was fantastic at the par 3 number 13, and pushed 30 feet 9 under par putt birdie achieved results. "Since then, I really played very quietly," said Liu, agrees.

Liu was not because of his part in accordance with a multi-shot lead and relaxed, just because she played really feel very good, very at ease. "In fact, I've asked caddy sister before the final push," I won? "She replied." Of course, "Liu said," I vaguely felt I could win 1.2 bar, but I really do not know, scene I said caddy point sister: "I am now, my idea is to click" & # 39;

5-foot birdie putt, according to Liu entirely developed. However, he came to the last hole, it has a leading role three shots on a par sufficient.

Chen Yuru though no protection, but the competition twice Championship runner-up once, her record in the lake Dragon still proud. "Do not be disappointed, mainly because he does not behave, I think I did what I had to do. Starting with the latter group, you will surely feel a lot of pressure, but I was absolutely no pressure to play "Yuru Chen said." I have a problem, irons, irons, playing the final round of three deep, in fact, the second round there are two deep hardcore beat, that's why. "

Korean women members of the patrol Luoxi Yuan said: "I missed a lot of opportunities after the number of .13 holes is not enough to focus, I drove three 14-hole, the hole I was too anxious .."

2019 China Classic trust women under the auspices of the China Golf Association, Guangdong Golf Co association, won the China Speedway (Women's China Tour, CLPGA) and Chinese Taipei PGA Tour (Women's Taiwan tour, TLPGA) joint certification of women's professional golf tournament (Beijing) Limited has committed to Guangzhou Dragon Lake golf club offers a golf course for the event, China Trust commercial Bank Co., Ltd. name sponsor. (End)

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